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Interview With Shawn Drover of Eidolon

Interviewed by JP

There are a few bands that truly epitomize the terms "metal", "underground", and "spirit".  Canada's Eidolon is one such band.  Now with 5 full length CD's under their belts Canada's hidden gem of power metal are FINALLY getting the recognition they deserve. Eidolon started to get some international recognition as guitarist and co-founder Glen Drover was hand picked by King Diamond to be his guitarist for the album House of God.  After that experience Glen returned to Toronto shortly after to continue on with Eidolon. Shawn Drover took time from his busy schedule preparing for the global release of their new CD, Coma Nation to answer a few questions for Metal-Rules.com.


Thank you very much for agreeing to talk to us. Because many of our readers may (tragically) not be familiar with you these questions may seem a little simple so I hope you don't mind!

Tell about the early days of Eidolon!  Where are you from how and when was the band founded? 

Glen (Drover - guitarist and my brother ) and myself formed Eidolon back in 1993 in Toronto, Canada. At the time, we were one of those guitar-hero shedding-type instrumental projects. Back then, we were really into that kind of thing - we still are to a point, really - I think one of the reasons we took that path was because glen had just started building his recording studio (Eclipse recording, where we still do all of our recordings) and since it was only the 2 of us, the non-vocalist shredding stuff was the logical choice for us to go in terms of musical direction.  Anyways, in 1995, we decided to get some musicians and form a real band - which we did and soon after began recording our 1st record, ZERO HOUR. We released our first 2 records (SEVEN SPIRITS followed an 1997) got signed to Metal Blade records in 1999, released 2 records - NIGHTMARE WORLD in 2000, HALLOWED APPARITION in 2001. We are just about to release our new record, COMA NATION, in June - 2002.


What does the term Eidolon mean?

Eidolon, simply means a ghost or a shadow figure. I saw it in a book and liked the name, so we went with it.


What can a listener expect to hear on an Eidolon CD?  What are some of your influences (and others in the band).

For somebody who has not heard Eidolon, they can expect to hear 100% HEAVY METAL!!!! As far as influences on our sound, I can honestly say that I don't think we sound like anybody!!  We have influences from everything really, but try not to inject too much of it into our music.  Its kind of hard for pick a certain influence, as we listen to everything from Mozart to Marduk, and a lot in between.


I understand there are pro's and con's of signing with a bigger, out-of-country  label. Tell us about your experiences (good and bad) getting signed to Metal Blade Records.

So far, our relationship with Metal Blade Europe has been quite good. They really believe in us, which is cool, really.  One thing that sucks is that we don't get as much chance to go to Europe, as we live in Canada, so the touring is more sporadic. Hopefully, as we are getting more popular, we can play more festivals and such, which is great exposure for any band.

Interviewers Note:  In the interviewers opinion only, Metal Blade US did very little to support the band but that's a story for another time.


You have two quite rare, indie CD's.  Will you ever re-issue those?

We have talked to Metal Blade about re-releasing ZERO HOUR, sometime in the near future, which I think they will do when the time is right. However, we are tooling with the idea of re-recording SEVEN SPIRITS, as we think our new vocalist (Pat Mulock) plus with the studio upgrades since we recorded that record (1997) can make that record much better than the original recording!!! If we do decide to do this, we will do it at our leisure, to make sure it is right, so it may take a few years for it to see the light of day.


I find it tragic that one of Canada's greatest metal bands has hardly ever toured it's own country due to the vast space, lack of good promoters and general attitudes towards metal. Have you toured in Europe or Japan before?  If yes, who did you tour with? Will you try to tour across Canada soon?

Thanks for the kind words!!  We played in Germany last year, at a festival called BANG YOUR HEAD. We played with Judas Priest, Megadeth, Kreator plus a ton of other great bands!! But other than the occasional Toronto show, we haven't toured much yet!!!  For us to do a complete tour of Canada would be a major undertaking for it to work properly!!!  Anything is possible, but it would have to be worth our while to do such a thing, as it would suck to travel 3,000 miles to play to 60 people, you know??  I think after the new record is released, and if there is a good reception from it, we could talk a bit more seriously about it.


You have a new singer.  Tell us about him and how he came to be in the band.

Yes we do!!  His name is Pat Mulock, who resides in Toronto as well. We put the word out to the media that we were seeking a new vocalist and he was one of the people who applied. Out of all people considered, Pat was what we were looking for in terms of performance and attitude. As soon as we hired Pat, we put him in the studio to work on our new record.


Tell us a bit about the new CD!

Well, the new record is called COMA NATION, and we are real proud of it, I must say!!!! Of the 5 records we have recorded, this was easily the easiest record to make, and by far the strongest!!!  I really don't know why - things just fell into place.  This is the most diverse record we have done, as we believe there are no rules in making music!!  We have everything from total speed metal to slow crushing stuff, a 19 minute epic tune, and a lot in between!!!  I really cannot wait for the metal community to hear this record - if you like real heavy metal, we hope you will dig the new record, man!!!


Tell us a bit about your own studio in Toronto.

Actually, Glen is the owner of the studio, which is called Eclipse Recording. He started it in 1993, and its gone from a small 4 track thing to a full-fledged 24 track digital recording facility. In the last year, Glen has also taken on recording other bands when he has some time off from Eidolon. Glen learned the recording process by himself, which to me, is amazing!! When you hear the new record, I think the results speak for themselves on how good Glen has become as an engineer and producer.


What are your plans for the near future?  Tours? Will you record some shows for a Triple Live in Japan CD?

Right now, we are concentrating on the new record release and all the media hype-ing that is soon to go along with it!!! The Europeans are nuts about metal, so the interview's are fast and furious. Also, we just got picked up in both Japan AND the U.K. so we are real happy about that as well!! As far as touring, we have to wait until the record is released and go from there.  We are planning on doing some eastern Canadian shows, but that is still to be ironed out as well.  I think the 3 c.d. Japan live recording with 37 bonus tracks are a few years off yet!!!  When there is a demand for it, you know we'll be ready, man!!!!!!!


Do have any last comments for our readers?

Yes, I would like to say thank you to those who support EIDOLON!!! We are doing our best to help wave the Canadian heavy metal flag, so support CANADIAN HEAVY METAL, PEOPLE!!!! we hope to see you soon on tour!!!!!


Thanks again to Shawn and the band!


For more info on Eidolon, drop by www.eidolon-nightmareworld.com

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