Interview With DAMMERCIDE

Interviewed By Waspman

Hi guys, thanks for doing this interview! Seeing as Dammercide is a relatively new band on the metal scene, tell me a little bit about your collective background. How did Dammercide get its start?

Dammercide are five guys that listen to a completely different metal music. These five guys joined together in order to perform an original and new music proposal. This band started, for fun, at the end of 1994. At that time we all were engaged to organize a concert for the end of the school year. Max and I were invited by present bass player, by vocalist and by the other guitarist to form an extempore group that probably would be lasted till concert time.


What led to you joining the band?

Since the day of the school concert I entered their group, and Dammercide was born, with another drum player who left the band in 1997 after recording the "Compromise" demo tape; therefore we called Max, confirming the present line-up.


The Dammercide sound is very heavy, but is not derivative of anyone else. Who were the bands that influenced you and how?

Our inspiration sources are various, but the most similar bands in regards to melody, technique and taste are: Cynic, Death, Atheist, In Flames, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Slayer and Iron Maiden.


What made you decide to use a full mix of growled and clean vocals?

It's very important in a song to take care of dynamics of parts both played and sung. For that reason, it is necessary to create a mix of growled and clean vocal; on soft and melodic parts we use clean vocals to create a certain atmosphere, on more aggressive and technical parts growled vocals are more useful.


Tell me a little bit about the stories behind "Queen of Diamonds" and "L.O.V.E." off of Link.

Queen of Diamonds is a song about Alex's ex- girl-friend. With L.O.V.E. (lessons of visual ecstasy) we wanted to say that "love" today means, first of all, vain appearances. It's like a great flesh market where guys get in and choose their "twin souls" just for outward appearances. Today imagination is the most important thing, love and good taste are smashed to pieces leaving a large abyss that is swallowing little by little everything.


The title "L.O.V.E." doesn't happen to be a tribute to either W.A.S.P. or UFO does it?

No, it doesn't. When this song was first released in the previous demo "Compromise" the title wasn't so explicit.


The album cover art looks like it could have been done by H.R. Giger. Who did it and what made you choose it?

Luca Sambuco, one of the minds behind our label, created the cover. We chose this one from a set of covers because was the only that made everybody satisfied.


Negatron Records is a brand new label for metal acts. Can you tell me a bit about the label, how it got its start and why you guys chose to sign with it?

We received a lot of offers, but Negatron Records was the only one that fulfilled our requirements. The main feature of Negatron Records is the incredible expertise of the two bosses, Luca and Riccardo; they left us maximum freedom in every thing concerning the entire production of 'Link'.


Have you heard any of the material from your lablemates?

Yes, of course. We think our lablemates are great artists and we are happy to be under the same label.


Italy is mostly known for its power metal acts like Rhapsody and Labyrinth, but you and your lablemates are all death/black metal bands. What is the metal scene like in Italy and how does Dammercide fit in?

In Italy we have the impression that the genre that everybody listen to seems to be power. Maybe it's for this reason that we had many difficulties in finding a label willing to produce us and places to perform live.


How do you feel about the many power metal acts that have come out of Italy in recent years?

Why so many acts? They all look and sound the same.


Is the crap-rock (rap-rock) movement big in Europe?

Maybe not as big as in America, but it's definitely here.


Where does the name "Dammercide" come from?

The name Dammercide is the contraction of Dammerung (twilight in German) and Omicide. It's a very evocative imagine- Omicide at twilight-. We like to picture evening and fear coming out with dark .Our mix between a German and English word was due to avoid that someone else could think of the same name.


The album has been out for a little while now, have you guys had the chance to play any shows or go on tour yet?

Yes, we played out as much as we could, but we still have to do something that could be named "tour".


What can we expect from Dammercide in the future?

In the future we will do our best to promote "live" our product everywhere we will be allowed to play. We are also working on new songs that are still in embryo but seem much more mature and identify our band even more in our music line.


That's all the questions that I had for you. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview!

Thanks to editorial staff of "metal-rules!" for giving us the opportunity to promote again our "Link". 

Kind regards.







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