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Interview With Andromeda's Johan Reinholdz

Interview provided by Michael A.

Andromeda is progressive metal from Sweden. Their guitarist Johan Reinholdz is only 21! Andromeda's debut album on Century Media was released in 2001. All progressive metal enthusiasts should definitely check them out. Johan Reinholdz agreed to a short interview, so here it is.


Would you describe your music as progressive rock or prog metal?
I think it's progressive metal.


How long have you been playing guitar? How often do you practice?
12 years, everyday more or less. I used to play more.


Do you play any other instruments?
Not really. I like to play drums, but I'm not good. I can play bass obviously.


Any tips you'd like to give for beginners in guitar?
-learn theory
-play everyday
-listen to as many guitar players and music in general as possible
-jam a lot


What kind of equipment do you use?
Ibanez and Washburn guitars. At home I use a Peavey Bandit 75 and at rehearsals and live I use a Digitech RP6 preamp/multieffect-unit, a MesaBoogie 50/50 Power Amp and a Hughes and Kettner 4*12 cabinet.


Were you satisfied with production on the album?
So-so. I like the fact that it's a bit harder and heavier than other records in our genre.


How long did it take to record an album?
About 2 weeks.


Were there any difficulties you had to face in the studio?
Mostly time pressure, but other than that it went pretty smooth.


I think that Lawrence Mackrory did a pretty good job on vocals, given that he had no time to prepare. Do you think that new vocalist (David Fremberg) for Andromeda will be better or worse than him?
I think Lawrence is really good, but I think for our music David is a lot better. We're really satisfied with him.


What bands inspire you to write music?
Well, it's hard to point out which bands that inspire you because I listen to a lot of stuff that doesn´t sound like us at all. But I guess bands like Metallica, Dream Theter, Rush, Marillion, Opeth, The Cure, Atheist, ELP, Meshuggah, Genesis, Tool, Focus, Yes, UK, Megadeth, Slayer, Return to Forever, Soundgarden, Morbid Angel, Tori Amos, Enya, Mr Bungle, Captain Beyond, etc etc.


Do you like Cynic?
Yeah, they're pretty cool. But I prefer Atheist. Unquestionable presence - what a killer album! (with the Cynic-bassist)


Could you share your opinion on the following guitarists?
Joe Satriani - I really like his playing. He plays really musically and emotionally but I think his records get pretty boring. Always the same beats and structures. He not equally good as songwriter as player unfortunately.

Yngwie Malmsteen - I really like his first three records, but after that it got pretty stagnant. He hasn't developed his songwriting or playing since then. He was totally amazing and innovative when he first came out but now he´s pretty uninteresting.

John Petrucci - I have nothing but good things to say about him. I love his solo playing as well as rhythm playing. I think manages really well to balance technique and feeling. Killer guitarist.

Chris Oliva - never heard of him. Sorry. (ed. note: he must live in a shell!!)

Michael Romeo - he has obviously incredibly skilled technique and some of his riffs are really cool, and heavy but I think his solo playing sounds too much like Yngwie. Pretty unoriginal.


Can you play those complex solos from Dream Theater?
I know the Pull me under, Under a Glass Moon and Take the Time-solos.


Is the band your full time job?
Nope, I haven't earned one cent yet. I study philosophy at the university at the moment. The others in the band go to school or work.


Could you explain the artwork for "Extension of the wish"?
The outstretched arm of the man on the cover is a metaphor for the extension of his wish.


Are there any plans to tour in North America?
No, unfortunately not.


Tell me about your project with Johan Liiva (ex Arch Enemy).
It's called Non-Exist; it's me, Johan Liiva, ex Arch and Matte Modin from Defleshed/Dark Funeral. the album will be recorded at Abyss studios. It's entitled "Deus Deceptor". The music is fast, hard, heavy and melodic, a kind of cross between thrash/death/heavymetal.

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