machine head
Santa Barbara, CA. Tuesday, April 8th, 11 PM. The Emerald City.

Machine Head is now touring in support of their new album, "The More Things Change..." They've been my favorite metal band since I first put "Burn My Eyes" into the CD player, so naturally I went to see them. The Emerald City is a tiny club, usually only hosting local shows and dance nights. MH was scheduled to play there LAST MAY, but the club got shut down and the show was canceled.

They've been touring with Manhole, a kick-ass band from LA fronted by Tarrie B., a woman who would eat Courtney Love for breakfast and spit out the bones. Manhole kicked ass, and then Machine Head came on. I stayed out of the pit for most of the show; there were some crazy motherfuckers going off for the whole time. This one chick kept starting fights with everyone; I think she got thrown out. Anyway, they started with "Davidian" and the whole place started going off. The show got more intense as the night went on. They played "Take My Scars" "Down To None" and "Ten Ton Hammer" off the new album. I think they might have played more new ones, but I didn't recognize them. I haven't had the CD very long. They played "A Thousand Lies," "Old," and "Blood For Blood." I finally got into the pit when they played "South Of Heaven." A fuckin' great Slayer Song only sounded better out of Machine Head. They also did "Hard Times" by the Cro-Mags, with Tarrie B. from Manhole assisting on Vocals. They finished the set up with "None But My Own" and "Block." Some asshole was screaming "Fuck you, you suck, fuckin' assholes," and I almost broke his jaw. MH played for two hours, played an album's worth of songs, didn't talk for hours (Like Phil Anselmo did the last time I saw Pantera), and treated the fans well. It was a great show. Robb cut his hair-- he looks better. Less like a leftover from the 80s. The new drummer kicks ass. They had the club shaking for the whole time.

The new album just came out, but already I'm waiting for the next one. If they make it to your area, definitely Check out Machine Head. When Pantera finally burns out, MH will rule the world of Metal. It's sad that the US is so stuck to eMpTytV; Some of the best bands out there are hardcore.