Metal Rules!!
and Tombstone

Proudly Present:

ATHENS,  RODON CLUB  Oct.13, 1997

The Rodon club was packed early before the show containing two of the world's top Heavy Metal bands. It would soon be proven that it was worth the wait, since the bands gave their best to satisfy the 1500 fans. It was the second show in Athens and also the last of the tour, and it proved to be an unforgettable one. The show started at 8:30PM with Hammerfall on stage. They started with "Children of the Damned", and continued for 45 more minutes, playing pure Power Metal. When I heard their album I was impressed but I had never expected such a "mind blowing" show from them. Well now I can say it without hesitation. Yes sir they are the most promising band around. They played "Glory to the Brave","Unchained", "The Dragon Lies Bleeding", "Steel Meets Steel", and of course "Hammerfall".They really kicked some ass, with Joacim running around the stage and entertaining the audience, making them sing as loud as possible several times. Joacim is certainly one of the best frontmen around.

After a short brake it was time for Kai Hansen and Gamma Ray to hit the stage at Rodon Club. Kai was in a very funny mood, and drove the crowd crazy (I really mean it). He jumped from the balcony to the crowd (!!!), he was playing with the audience all the time, he was pumping up the volume of his guitar with every song he was playing. They played for almost 150(!!!) minutes, giving us an unforgettable show. During the show Hammerfall went up the stage dressed in black trash bugs, looking like mini skirts on them, wearing wigs on their head, and holding a sign writing RAMMAGAY (!!!) on it. It was pretty funny to see the guys acting like... well you know like what! During the encores Joacim from Hammerfall sang "Future World", and the rest of the band were doing stagedive all the time. Gamma Ray gave us one hell of a show playing songs from their new album, and also older songs. They also played a song that they hadn't played for a longtime. They gave us the pleasure to hear "Ride the Sky." During "Future World" Kai Hansen was walking around the audience, singing with them, giving handshakes, and having the time of his life. Or at least he seemed to have the time of his life.

After the show ended we all were fucking exhausted. I was feeling more tired than Kai Hansen should be, but I would of stayed there the whole night, if that was what Kai wanted. I can't wait for the next time they will play Athens. I'm going to be there without even thinking twice about it.