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August 28th, 2002
Tavastia Club, Helsinki Finland

Review By Arto Lehtinen and Marko Syrjala

The reunited Swedish doom legends definitely enjoy a huge cult status and reputation among the doom metal freaks nowadays. Especially in Scandinavian countries, the reunion of the most influential doom metal outfit ever has been welcomed with sensational warm and huge response everywhere as well as in European countries like Germany and Greece. But for some weird reason Finland has always been a tough place for Candlemass to appeal to the local doom metal fans despite the band used to do plenty of gigs in the late 80's and managed to gather some sort of following. The current Scandinavian tour has succeeded damn well, places have been utterly crowded in Sweden. The gig was almost sold out in Oslo, Norway and above all every gig has been shot for the forthcoming DVD release! When it was inquired about a chance to see Candlemass here in Finland, Marcolin (interviewed at the Sweden Rock festival last summer for Metal-Rules.Com) stated that Finland can't be left out of that tour. And YES, They really did and came to Finland and pulled in app. 250 people which is pretty good in the middle of the week, and especially for a band that hasn't played and in general been together over 10 years with the most known line-up. But if the gig had been in the weekend there would have much bigger attendance anyway.

Despite the lame attendance the club and above all the whole front of the stage was entirely packed by die hard headbangers. When the opening intro "March Funebre" roared from the monitor and was followed by "Mirror Mirror" off from the Ancient Dreams album, the whole front area turned to be one hell of a big hair sea and several banging heads going up and down with the ultimate passion. The gig was nothing, but an expected triumphal trilogy consisting of several well known doom metal classics from the four most appreciated and adored Candlemass albums. These four have been the milestones, setting and creating the whole era of the doom metal genre in the late 80's and early 90's when several slowly doomy oriented playing bands started popping up. From Epicus to Tales Of Creation the Swedish doom metal masters went through by doing all "Demon's Gate", "Samarithan", "Dark Reflection". The pentad definitely appeared to be in the brilliant strike in front of the small, but at least enthusiastic, metal crowd raging diving like in the old days. Messiah, being a great showman, bewitched the Finnish 250 doom metals with the charismatic grip and appearance with the doom dance and demanded the same metal heads bang more intensively and insanely and even his funny comments between tunes were absolutely funny and amusing providing there is still some sense of humour left besides all the sadness and sorrow.

What could have been expected more from Candlemass, the band being on some kind of "Hiatus" during the whole 90's apart from a few eccentric outputs released with the entire another line-up, which did an amazing doom metal night by concluding the gig with the tunes from the epicus metal opus Epicus, Doomicus and Metallicus. Great gig, once a great, great time travel back to the glorious metal years of the 80's

Candlemass' doom crusade throughout several European countries will be released on the DVD later this year or at least in the early of the next year to give an opportunity for other bewitched doom fans to have a feeling of the real doom metal legends. You Are Bewitched!!!!

The set list:
Mirror Mirror
Dark Are The Veils
Demon's Gate
Under The Oak
At The Gallow's End
Dark Reflection
Black Stone
The Well Of Souls

A Sorcerers Pledge

Crystal Ball

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