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(w/ Bludgeon)
27.11.2002 Ice Hall, Helsinki Finland

Review & Pics by 
Marko Syrjälä & Arto Lehtinen

The kings of metal started their worldwide crusade in Europe once again and dropped by to delight the Finnish Manowarriors by giving a show filled with masculine power and spirit. The New York metal warriors had brought along an entire unknown death metal combo named Bludgeon to open up for Manowar on the whole European tour…

Bludgeon, who were discovered by Joey De Maio for his own label, kicked the night off by giving an approximate 35-minute set of technical death metal. What they offered was routine and an obvious death metal cliché more or less influenced by the old Florida death metal monsters Death and Deicide. The four-piece went through the material off from their debut album Recrucify The Priest. For obvious reasons the audience wasn't that keen and anxious about the death metal complex presented by the Chicago boys. In general, being an opening band for any classic metal name is always more than uncomfortable situation in order to win the attention as well as some kind of audience, but mostly the result is every band is forced to play to a half empty hall no matter how good they are.

After the depressive long roadie break the quartet with the tight leather pants literally attacked the stage and showed the real sign of the hammer by setting such a metallic maelstrom in the first part of the set as the first four tracks were played in a row without any ridiculous speeches by DeMaio expect a small break interrupted by Joey DeMaio (of course) when giving a small lesson to the security for their harsh and treatment toward the kids coming over the security wall.

The sound had been turned to the maximum level with the goddamn crystal clear and head blowing volume that ears were about to blow up and the heart to start jumping up and down with the accelerating pulse. The whole band was in the finest strike compared their previous visit in 99 when the whole show was quite pathetic and had Spinal Tap impressions.

After the great set of four killer battle hymns it was about time for Logan's guitar solo demonstration lasting approximately 10 minutes. In the wake of Logan's solo performance the well known riff of "Army Of Immortals" roared from the loudspeakers and ended after four tunes to Demaio's bass solo. Another rather interesting point was Adams' method to make the audience sing during the higher tunes and occasionally his voice turned to be the growling even though Adams' voice is definitely a real metallic trademark of the whole Manowar concept with the higher tunes and his ability to sing on the lower level as well.

As usual the typical amusing mandatory speech being the tradition on every god damn Manowar gig held by Joey DeMaio literally interrupted the diamond brilliant gig with DeMaio's ridiculous praises and the old used phrases and above all the whole Spinal Tap event was crowned with the request of asking a "better days seen" looking chick on the stage to help DeMaio to transcript a few Finnish absurd sentences after which they ended up doing some insane passionate looking kissing.

Then Gods Made Heavy metal returned to the stage by hailing and killing with their Harley Davidson bikes and let the wheel of fire spread around the ice hall and then started an unusual part of the show by doing a acoustic set of immortal ballads consisting "Sword In The Wind", "Master Of The Wind" and "Courage".

Before the classic "Black Wind Fire And Steel" the newer and even fastest material of Manowar powered the house of death with a bit chaotic sound. For some bizarre reason Scott Columbus occasionally had some problems to keep the pace in the faster Manowar tunes though handling the drumming job perfectly after all.

In general, this was a damn good show even though prejudices toward what to expect from the gig were quite non-existent in the first place. Fortunately the whole Metal-Rules.com Finnish staff could leave the hall with the satisfied feeling even though the remainder part of the gig took a lot of positive feedback and especially DeMaio's everlasting funny speeches…. Hail And Kill !!

Manowar's set list
Brothers of metal
Spirit horse of cherokee
Warriors of the world united
Kill with power
Army of immortals
Call to arms
Kings of metal
Sign of the hammer
("vocalsolo" + basssolo)
Gods made heavy metal
Hail and kill
Sword in the wind / Master of the wind / Courage
Outlaw / The power / House of death
Black wind fire and steel