Best of 2021

Top 20 Metal Albums of 2021 As always, the top albums of the year are for full albums (no EP’s or demos) released in 2021. They are new studio albums for the year, not re-recordings, re-releases, cover songs, or live albums. Below the combined top 20 you will find links…

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Best of 2021: EvilNat

01.    Eclipse – Wired 02.    Crowne – Kings of the North 03.    Circus of Rock – Circus of Rock 04.    Arion – Vultures Die Alone 05.    Laurenne/Louhimo – The Reckoning 06.    Orden Ogan – Final Day 07.    Helloween – Helloween 08.    ENDVS – Cessation 09.    Seven Spires – Gods of…

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Best of 2021: JP

Best of 2021: JP Another utterly superb year for Metal! If you can’t find something you didn’t like you aren’t trying hard enough! 01. YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN-Parabellum (Mascot) Yngwie is my favourite guitarist of all time so every time he puts out a studio album it hits at or near…

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