Doom Metal

A Metal-Rules Exclusive Premiere of Nothing is Real – Transmissions of the Unearthly

Message From the Artist: “These completely improvised sessions recorded live with guest drummer Jeremy Lauria over the course of two days resulted in transmissions of unearthly sounds and visions. These were then cut into tracks and overdubbed with extra guitars and vocals. Inspired by psych prog originators such as Can…

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Metal-Rules Exclusive: Finnish Heavy/Doom band BYRON (feat. former members of CHURCH OF VOID, HORNA and BATTLELORE) Premier Debut Album THE OMEGA EVANGELION

“I’m proud and privileged to present BYRON’S debut album THE OMEGA EVANGELION as an exclusive premiere for the respectful audience of, out March 26, 2021! THE OMEGA EVANGELION serves an eclectic mix of melodic metal, occult rock, stoner and some darker sides of doom as a theme album of…

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Streaming Now! Plague Weaver’s New Album “Ascendant Blasphemy”; New Album “Ascendant Blasphemy” Out Feb 26th, 2021

Melded together in the vein of classic black metal, but giving nods to other genres including death, grind and doom, Toronto’s Plague Weaver has been honing their craft delicately since they started out in 2018. Beginning with an excellent atmosphere, and budding riff ideas on the self-titled EP, then taking a big…

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