Oct-Dec ’04

Jeff Scott Soto

Interview With Jeff Scott Soto“LOST IN TRANSLATION” is Jeff Scott Soto?s newest effort. It?s his third solo album in a very long career and I?ve got the chance to ask him questions about the new album and about his future plans amongst other things.

Jonas Torndal from Grave

Jonas Torndal from Grave Here is an interview with the guitar player and original member Jonas Torndal from the Swedish legendary death metal band Grave. Grave was one of the bands who formed the legendary Swedish death metal scene back in the beginning of the 90?s. Grave recently released their…

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Mireca from Mnemic

Mircea Gabriel Eftmie: Guitarist for the Danish band MNEMIC. This is an interview with Mireca, guitarist in the Danish band Mnemic. Mnemic are a pretty new act that recently released their second album THE AUDIO INJECTED SOUL. I?ve asked them about (of course) their new album, and about themselves, but also about how…

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Joseph Prabagar of DemonZend

Joseph Prabagar of DemonZendInterview by EvilG, Rick, Lord of the Wasteland DemonZend is a fairly new site / label / mailorder / etc. based out of Malaysia with offices soon opening in the UK. In this interview we got to pick the brain of DemonZend’s founder about the challenges of startup…

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Kevin DuBrow ? Alive & Well

Interview with Kevin DuBrowBy Keith McDonald Hard rock and metal fans are well aware of what Kevin DuBrow has accomplished in his career as the lead singer of Quiet Riot. Most know all the turbulent times that Kevin and his bandmates endured over their successful career. Through all the good…

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Danny Vaughn (ex-Tyketto singer)

Danny Vaughn, ex-Tyketto singer Here comes an interview with Danny Vaughn, ex-Tyketto singer, who has currently released an album with the project ?From The Inside?. I asked Danny some questions about the project, himself, and his current label Frontiers.