Onslaught – Nige Rockett

The British legendary thrash metal five piece Onslaught reunited five years ago. The band did plenty of gigs all around. As a result of the reunion, the triumphant KILLING PEACE saw the light of day.  The band’s newest opus SOUNDS OF VIOLENCE takes their brand of thrash metal to into…

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Nothing Left For Tomorrow – Yasmina

Interview with Yasmina Ketita Conducted by Robert Williams Formed from the ashes of crossover thrashers A.C.O.A. comes the London, Ontario based Nothing Left For Tomorrow, a band which prominently features the diverse vocal talents of Yasmina Ketita. With two EP releases already to their credit, as well as the self-released debut…

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Children of Bodom Interviewed: London,  December 9th,  2010 Interviewer: Danny Draper Photos: Altercarnated Photography On a lovely winter’s day, Jo and I ventured to the Head offices in London to meet up with Janne and Alexi for a quick chat about the new album and plans before the playback.


Interview with Ross "The Boss" Friedman Conducted by Robert Williams Editing courtesy of Sandra Torres Ross "The Boss" Friedman is undoubtebly one of the most important guitar players in American heavy metal. Having been the original guitarist for Manowar during the band’s most classic time period, Ross’ name will forever…

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INFERNAEON – Brian Werner and Steven Harger

Interview with Brian Werner & Steven Harger Conducted by Robert Williams Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s favorite sons of blasphemy Infernaeon released their second full length effort "Genesis To Nemesis" late last summer through Prosthetic Records. The new album features some notable guest appearances including Erik Rutan…

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TALANAS Interview

TALANAS Interview Interviewer: Danny Draper Photos: Altercarnated Photography On a cold winter night in London we managed to meet up with new Metal Band members ‘Talanas’. Hal Sinden – vocals, guitar Ewan Parry – guitar Mark Duffy – bass Joe Butterworth – drums Formed by two previous members of the…

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Baptized In Blood: Shred-Ready

Baptized In Blood: Shred-Ready by Shawn Jam Hill   Party metal, when played with vim, vigor and bona fide talent, can be extremely enjoyable. Whether it’s Municipal Waste giving shout outs to excessive beer consumption or A Life Once Lost’s less cerebral excursions, party metal definitely conjures up the notion…

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