Hellfueled Lead Singer Andy

HELLFUELED BORN TO ROCK is the title of Hellfueled’s latest and second album. I took the opportunity to interview the singer Andy when the band landed in Copenhagen. We talked about the latest album and I also asked Andy more personal questions.  Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall Thanks to Ulrika Henriksson…

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RAVAGE – Vocalist Al ‘Ravage’

RAVAGE: Interview with Vocalist Al ‘Ravage’ Interviewed by: Lord of the Wasteland, EvilG, Metal George, & Celtic BobIntro text by Lord of the Wasteland While the rest of the metal dudes their age are busy applying eyeliner or writing breakdowns, Massachusetts’ Ravage are not only writing REAL metal but they are…

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Bobnoxious (Bob J. Reid)

Bobnoxious!Interview with Bob J. ReidBy Celtic Bob Bobnoxious is the brainchild of Bob J. Reid (Razor, S.F.H.). Hailing out of London Ontario this 4 piece unit is about to take the music industry by storm with their energetic live shows and killer debut. I had a chance to ask band…

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Russell Allen of Allen/Lande

RUSSELL ALLEN   Here is a short interview that I’ve done with Russell Allen. He, together with Jorn Lande, has recently released the album THE BATTLE on Frontiers Records and I was interested in what two singers of such an excellent caliber had to offer the listener. So here’s what…

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ANTHRAX – Dan Spitz

Daniel Spitz< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />October 22, 2005     Please follow and like us:

Scaar singer Alex

Alex is the singer in the new Swedish up and coming thrash act Scaar which recently unleashed their second album titled THE SECOND INCISION. I became interested in Scaar when I had their new album mailed to me and decided to try to contact Alex in order to do an interview,…

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Hanker – Pascal Cliche

Hanker Vocalist Pascal ClicheInterview by EvilG All right power metal freaks, if you haven?t heard of them, Hanker are perhaps the best power metal band you have yet to hear! Hailing from Quebec, Canada, the band has been around since the mid-80?s and has been getting consistently better with each…

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Mot?rhead – Lemmy

Lemmy of Mot?rheadInterviewed by Duke As seen in the Swedish paper Dagens NyheterLive pics by Lord of the Wasteland It?s not every day that someone gets to talk with god. Recently, Duke from Metal-Rules.com did just that when he had a discussion with Lemmy of Mot?rhead.  With the band celebrating its 30th…

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ONSLAUGHT – Steve Grice

  Onslaught wasone of the first UK thrash/death outfits to unleash three mind blowing thrash metal outputs in the 80?s. The band?s second effort THE FORCE is considered their greatest album featuring the legendary Sy Keeler on the vocals. However due to several reasons Onslaught reached its final peak in…

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Devil Doll Records

Industry Profile Devil Doll Records   Interview by Keith McDonald There seems to be more and more, albeit smaller, outlets for hard music. Whether it?s Forever Underground, Eclipse or Now or Never Records, unknown talented metal and hard rock acts are finding homes to release their material. The majors are…

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