Primal Fear – Ralf Scheepers

PRIMAL FEAR – Ralf Scheepers Interview by EvilG There are a handful of bands that have come out in recent years who I not only "like" but who I have added to the pile of bands that I religiously follow. One of those bands is Primal Fear. In my opinion,…

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Interviews Done In 2002

Interviews Done In 2002 DECEMBER 2002 Reptilian’s drummer – Joel Linder Marble Arch Forever Underground Records Tenebre Marcus Siepen of Blind Guardian Mottrhead’s Mikkey Dee Micheal Romeo of Symphony NOVEMBER 2002 PATTON – Bob Watson and Jason Felger ICED EARTH – Matt Barlow RECLUSION – Marek Dobrowolski MESSIAH – Br?ggi…

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