BLACK STAR RIDERS – bassist Robbie Crane and guitarist Christian Martucci discuss ANOTHER STATE OF GRACE, Scott Gorham, a new lineup, and the evolution of the band.

INTERVIEW AND LIVE PHOTOS BY MARKO SYRJALA Black Star Riders released their fourth album, ANOTHER STATE OF GRACE, in February 2019, and now, eight months later, the band returned to tour in Finland. Since the previous visit more than two years ago, Black Star Riders have gone through many changes.…

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CYHRA – guitarist Euge Valovirta discusses the formation of the band, the second album and more

INTERVIEW BY MARKO SYRJÄLÄ. PHOTOS BY NUCLEAR BLAST AND ARTO LEHTINEN Cyhra is one of these new so-called supergroups, consisting of the former members of widely-known metal groups. The band was originally formed in 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The current line-up is: vocalist Joacim “Jake E” Lundberg (Amaranthe), guitarist duo…

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RICHIE SCARLET – Discuss Return of the Comet, upcoming Solo album and working with Ace Frehley, Corky Laing’s Mountain, and Alice Cooper Group members

INTERVIEW AND PHOTOS BY MARKO SYRJÄLÄ Richie Scarlet, also known as “The Emperor of Rock and Roll,” is a New York native musician, songwriter, and producer. Richie started his career as a solo artist in the early ’80s, and he was a founding member of the former Kiss guitarist Ace…

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