Album Reviews

Zakas – Shunk Daddy Grind

Reviewed: January 1999Released: 1998, IndependentRating: 2.0/5 Reviewer: EvilG Can you say weird? Well Zakas can! This CD really defies any categorization. At times Sakas sound heavy with an Entombed sounding guitarist crunching away, then bang, they are playing something that sounds like it originated from the twilight zone. So just…

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Hibria – Metal Heart

Reviewed: December 1998Released: 1998, IndependantRating: 2.5/5 Reviewer: EvilG Cool, another band from South America…perhaps you’re thinking Sepultura? Well don’t, and don’t think Accept, even though the title of this demo is “Metal Heart.” Think more along the lines of a poor man’s Angra. Hibria call Porto Alegre, Brazil home. They…

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