Album Reviews

Forbidden – Distortion

Reviewed: January 1996Released: 1995, Massacre RecordsRating: 4.0/5 Reviewer: EvilG San Francisco Bay area thrashers, Forbidden, return (finally) with Distortion. I have been waiting for this bloody album since 1990’s GODLY CD Twisted Into Form. Many of you may remember them for their video “Step By Step” which received frequent airplay…

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Skid Row – Subhuman Race

Reviewed: June 1995 Released: 1995, AtlanticRating: 3.0/5 Reviewer: EvilG From the opening notes of Skid Row\’s new masterpiece you know that your money has not been wasted. The vocal melody to \”My Enemy\” grabs you from the beginning. Baz\’s vocals have improved (I didn\’t think it possible) opting for a…

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Quo Vadis – Quo Vadis

Reviewed: May 1995Released: 1995, IndependantRating: 3.0/5 Reviewer: EvilG Reviewed: May 1995 (as originally seen in the newsgroup alt.rock.n.roll.heavy) Although many of today\’s newer death metal bands are just a poor rehash what has already been done (ie. one Deicide or Morbid Angel…is enough!), QUO VADIS manage to overcome this problem.…

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