Album Reviews

U.D.O.-We Are One

Reviewed: July, 2020 Released: 2020, SPV Rating: 3/5 Reviewer: JP There is a bit of confusion in some circles about what this actually is.  Well, I’m treating it as an U.D.O. album.  Some people who don’t like orchestras (etc)  are already trying to practice historical revisionism and say this is…

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Reviewed: July, 2020 Released: 2020, Indie Rating: 4/5 Reviewer: JP Time, money, energy and conflicting interests are the enemy of any independent band. It is hard to maintain momentum but fortunately Osyron seem to have been able to combat all those opposing factors and put out some new material.   Just…

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RAMLORD-From Dark Waters

Reviewed: July, 2020 Released: 2020, Inverse Records Rating: 4/5 Reviewer: JP I believe that many people have the perception that all extreme Metal musicians are humourless and misanthropic, based on the music they make, and often the image they portray.   However, I feel that many extreme Metal musicians are musicians…

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