Album Reviews

Anette Olzon-Strong

Reviewed:  October 2021 Released:  September 2021, Frontiers Music Srl Rating: 4.5/5 Reviewer:  Buddy H The acrimonious 2012 split between Anette Olzon and Nightwish has been well documented.  The short time she spent with the band has proven to be very polarizing among longtime fans.  Regardless of which side of the…

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Helheim – WoduridaR

Reviewed:01/10/2021 Released :29/10/2021, Dark Essence Records Rating : 4/5 Reviewer : Neil Langton   Norwegian Viking Metal legends Helheim return with their 11th album “WoduridaR“. Recorded at Conclave & Earshot Studios in Bergen with Bjørnar E. Nilsen ,the album marks a return to the bands roots with the harshness, aggression and…

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Reviewed: October, 2021 Released: 2021, Deadline Rating: 4/5 Reviewer: JP I’ve written so many reviews of Thor albums that I feel like I’m starting to repeat myself.  Thor is one of Canada’s longest running, most prolific and best selling Metal artists and he is back with album # 27 or…

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