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Snew – We Do What We Want

June 1, 2010 Rick 0

Reviewed: June 2010 Released: 2010, IndependentRating: 4.5/5 Reviewer: Rick Snew the fuck are you? That’s the question soon to be on the tongues of rock […]

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American Dog – Mean

April 1, 2010 Rick 0

Reviewed: April 2010 Released: 2009, IndependentRating: 4.0/5 Reviewer: Rick Straight out of the nuclear wastes barrels American Dog’s latest alcohol fueled opus called simply MEAN. […]

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Snew – Snew You

April 1, 2009 Rick 0

Reviewed: April 2009 Released: 2008, IndependentRating: 4.0/5 Reviewer: Rick Kick in the ass hard rock is what Snew delivers on their debut disc SNEW YOU. […]

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Burning Point – Empyre

April 1, 2009 Rick 0

Reviewed: April 2009 Released: 2009, Metal HeavenRating: 4.0/5 Reviewer: Rick I have been following this band\’s career from the very start. They first came on […]


Uli Jon Roth

November 23, 2008 Rick 0

Uli Jon Roth Interview by Deb Rao   One of the most innovative guitar players to emerge onto the metal scene is Uli Jon Roth. […]


Gary Holt of Exodus

November 18, 2008 Rick 0

  Guitarist Gary Holt   Interview by Jerry Hamm, “The Metal Master”   Exodus has been thrashing as long as there has been the term […]


Hole in the Sky Festival

November 17, 2008 Rick 0

  Hole in the Sky 2008 Bergen, Norway Written by Andreas Aubert Pictures by Christian Misje and Monika Serafinska    

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Misery Index

March 14, 2008 Rick 0

Socially Conscious DeathGrind Interview with Jason Netherton Interviewed by Andreas Aubert