70000tons of METAL


January 24 – 28, 2011
Miami FL – Cozumel MEXICO – Miami FL

Daily updates from Metal-Rules.com‘s own JP


Metal-Rules.com is proud to present our feature on one of the most unique interesting Metal events of 2011, the 70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise.  Staff member JP will be on the cruise and reporting back each day with an on-the-scene report!

70000 Tons has generated a lot of excitement.  There have been a number of smaller scale Metal themed cruises over the years, especially in Scandinavia but this seems to be the largest of it’s kind, and in the tropics no less!

The cruise is slated to go from Miami, Florida to Cozumel Mexico and back over a period of four days.  The ship the (Metal) Majesty The Seas will host almost 2000 Metal-heads plus bands, media and more.  There are 42 Metal bands from around the world slated to play two concerts each, over the four days.

Designed and organized by UMCruises in conjunction with Royal Carribean, this theme cruise is one of a kind and is hoped to be the first of many.  The press from around the world will be in attendance of the inaugural event.

Please feel to check the web-site www.70000tons.com for more details and a full list of the bands.  In the meantime check back each day as JP (barring technical difficulties) will provide a daily report about the activities and concerts on board.

Jan. 22, 2011 – Getting Ready for 70000TONS!

I may go to a pre-party on Sunday.  I was going to go and review the Iron Maiden rib restaurant but it’s like about 75 km away from my hotel.  I was going to go to Dr. Feelgoods (Vince Neils bar) but it’s closed on Sunday.  So I might attend a local pre-party concert. If I do go, I’ll submit a report on Jan 24th…sty tuned!

Metal Cruise Of Multi Tonnage Pre Apocalyptic Party (Miami)
Metal Cruise Of Multi Tonnage Pre Apocalyptic Party (Miami)

Metal Cruise Of Multi Tonnage Pre Apocalyptic Party (Miami)

A number of local bands have organized some down-home, southern hospitality, Florida style for the contingent of international Metalheads who were traveling to Miami for the cruise.  They put together a great event at the Transit Lounge showcasing the talent of many local bands.  The event will feature eight bands and two stages going full blast.

The featured bands:

  • Kamantra (no website, but here’s a video)

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