Nomad – Interview with Bretton Melanson

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Nomad is a dynamic, progressive death metal band from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada and consists of drummer/vocalist Bretton Melanson; guitarist/vocalist Matt Johnstone; guitarist/vocalist Jeff Mabb; plus bassist Josh MacDonald. Kickstarted by Johnstone who was looking for an outlet, he approached Melanson and since the material felt right and with their previous history playing together, the ball was rolling. Over a few years, there was a lineup flux, with each additional leaving their mark on the material. Ultimately, they then recruited Mabb as a second guitarist and MacDonald on bass, and working collaboratively, they weave their melodic, groovy death metal.

Looking to avoid going too crazy on the violence and gore tropes that are quite prominent in metal music, they tend to tell stories based on fictional characters, historical events, science fiction, and astrophysics. Each member adds their own flair to the songs, imprinting their distinct influences.

When they hit the stage, the audience is greeted by multiple vocalists that deliver a massive wall of layered sound, integrated sound effects, and a well-thought-out visual element. They played Canada’s prominent Armstrong Metalfest in 2016-2019 and performed alongside bands such as Kataklysm, Origin, Soulfly, and Alestorm. They released their debut album “The Mountain” on March 3, 2023.

What drives you as an artist to create music?

We are driven to create by primordial forces within, that aren’t content with simply consuming, we must create!

Tell us about your upcoming album!

It has been a long road getting our debut album The Mountain ready. We’ve changed members several times and had to go back and re-do a lot but all for the best because what we have now is the perfect result.

What inspired the lyrics on this release? Give us a couple of examples.

Telling stories. Jam Space being super hot, and forest fires. A soul trying to avoid damnation, trying to fix the world, acknowledging the horrors of the world. Some dude who wanders around. Some dude who used to hunt werewolves but got bit and is one now. The 1917 Russian Revolution. A.I. deciding the best way to save the world is to digitize humanity. And cool space stuff.

NomadWhat is the story behind album cover artwork?

It takes themes from some of our songs, and the band name itself, the Nomad, or Lonely Wanderer is the figure in the front, a forest fire on the back, the Blood Moon visible over the Mountain.

Tell us a little bit about your local music scene.

There is a crazy amount of talent in the Okanagan music scene, and it’s a shame it doesn’t break out into the rest of the world. I was sure Xul was going to. Kamloops has a sludgier, crustier, blacker sound. The bands here are definitely pro material.

What are the future plans for Nomad?

Get our album out, play shows, see how far we can take it.

Tell us, why does Metal Rule? And if you think it doesn’t, then why are you playing in a metal band? 😉

Metal rules because it’s exciting. Who wants to go watch rom-coms at the movie theatre when there’s explosions and car chases to be had? Metal is the musical equivalent of action movies. | | | Spotify


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