Bobby Blitz of Overkill on New Album Scorched – It is More a Progression of The Grinding Wheel than The Wings of War Due to its Eclectic Value and Dynamics!

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Interviewed by Robert Cavuoto

Overkill have reemerged to bludgeon your ears with their 20th studio album, Scorched, on April 14th via Nuclear Blast Records!

Like death and taxes, the one thing you can count on in life is Overkill will release a soul-crushing album, and with Scorched, they have done it again! Overkill was one of the bands leading the charge for thrash metal since the 80s and responsible for penning some of the most enduring metal anthems, including “Hello from the Gutter,” “Rotten to the Core,” “Coma,” and “I Hate,” to name just a few. Going strong for 42 years (directly from Bobby Blitz, who said the band was formed in 1981), they do not show any signs of slowing down; they are an unwavering musical staple to their fans. Overkill consists of Bobby Blitz [vocals], DD Verni [bass], Dave Linsk [guitar], Jason Bittner [drums], and Derek Tailer [guitar].

With one of the best opening songs, the title track, “Scorched,” comes at you with a blazing solo and then pummels you like a brick in the face with a thundering guitar riff while Bobby’s vocals race around your head! The song is designed to deliver sheer aggression within the first minute of the first song! Scorched provides ten tight, concise, and diverse songs that do not follow any metal template. Songs that hit you like a buzzsaw to the head with guitar riffs that never lets up.

Overkill has been wrecking your neck their entire career, and Scorched is pure thrashing brilliance and deserves to be cranked loud – a testament to how these seasoned veterans kick major ass. You can pre-order Scorched here:

Interviewing Bobby Blitz is like chatting with a long-time friend. He is insightful, entertaining, and high-energy! You can instinctively tell he loves what he does and is passionate about his music, lyrical content, band, and this new album! During our discussion, Bobby shared that Scorched was completed in 2021, but the band felt strongly to wait until they could tour to support it as the songs deserve to be heard live, why the band selected “Scorched” as the title track/album title, his strength as a songwriter in finding melody amongst the chaos of crushing riffs and powerful rhythms, and his Jersey roots of slogging it out in the clubs as a cover band!


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Overkill circa May 1983/84 with Robert's band Naughty Angel
Overkill circa May 1983/84 with Robert’s band Naughty Angel


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