Pariahlord – Vultures

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Reviewed: March 2023
Released: 2022, Boersma Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Kieron Hayes

The vultures are circling, ready to descend, and the meat still for the taking is thick and juicy.

Pariahlord released their debut full-length in the latter half of last year, and Vultures is a tasty slab of good old stoner metal. Their bio puts it succinctly: “Three dudes. Heavy riffs. Melodic tones.” – Honestly, it’s a good summation. They bear the sound of the classic stoner metal trio, with succulent bass, banging riffs, tastefully indulgent lead work and engrossing vocals. That bass takes centre stage more than you might find from many others too.

There’s a thick, chunky heaviness to everything; not straying into the harsher realms of sludge territory, but sticking to a meaty, Sabbathy tone, something backed up by the vocals that shift between an eerie croon and a more forceful, pained yell, all of it feeling delightfully Ozzy.

“Super Mega Ultra Van” stands as one of the best representations of what these guys do best. Absolutely stonking riffs right out of the gate to get you truly SLAMMING your head along to it. “Dead Man’s Hand” builds to a fantastic closing segment too, the sort you only wish went on longer. Meanwhile, the title track picks up speed with a punkish attitude to complement the irresistibly catchy riff at its core (though this track coming first is perhaps odd placement within the album).

The songs themselves could be a bit more immersive in their construction. The riffs are great and very effective, and the song-writing puts them forward perfectly. But the songs could be a bit more distinct from one another with some more development of their themes. As it is, they feel largely content to get your head smashing with solid grooves, which they do very well, but this could take a whole other level with some more involved songs and really captivate you with some interesting stories.

Still, that’s perhaps a tale for album #2. For now, this is a great statement of who Pariahlord are and what they do well.



1.) Vultures
2.) Dead Man’s Hand
3.) Super Mega Ultra Van
4.) This is the Voice of…
5.) Vrillon
6.) Valley of the Roses
7.) Halcyon Pt. I
8.) Halcyon Pt. II

Band line-up:

Carsten Schmitt – Guitar, vocals
Jan Kurtze – Bass
Phil Röttgers – Drums