Ouija – Fathomless Hysteros

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Reviewed: March 1, 2023
Released: December 26, 2022, Negra Nit Distro
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

I’m not sure how Spain’s OUIJA flew under my radar, especially given my love for black metal. However, as I was surfing the cool phone band app called Bandbond, a new user under a band that was just added had posted some cool black metal with tons of atmosphere and lots of melody. That person happened to be vocalist Midgard and the band, OUIJA. I was immediately drawn to the atmosphere of the album. Then, upon further investigation, I discovered that they have been together since 1995! I got some catching up to do; but in the mean time we are going to be talking about their most recent album, Fathomless Hysteros.

One thing you get right off the top that is the production. This is one of the cleanest production jobs on a black metal album and it really does this album justice. When the title track kicks things off, that will be the first thing you notice. The second thing you will notice is that there are a lot of similarities with SACREMENTUM or even VINTERLAND. The riffs drive the atmosphere here and what sets this band apart is that the melodies that create this atmosphere are created by the guitars as I detect no use of keyboards on this song, or on the album as a whole. To create this kind of atmosphere with the use of their riffing just adds to the experience. The song also gives of an epic feel to it adding another layer to the song. “Bestia Negra” follows that up in almost the same style. Blast beats start this off and, once again, the riffs and and the production drive this atmosphere. The third song in the opening trio is “I See You Without Eyes.” This is the song that actually reminds me of VINTERLAND. It’s a slower track with tons of melody and a lot of atmosphere.

What I think really intrigues me about this band is how they can go from a song that is slower with a more melancholy atmosphere, then turn around and make a song as epic as the title track or the closer. “Adversary” is another track that needs mention just in the mere fact that this is a more mid paced track that shows their traditional metal routes while still creating killer black metal atmosphere. “Hijo Del Caido” is another track where they use their riffs to create such incredible melodies that hook you in. As I mentioned before the album closer, “Unbridled Transylvanian Passion” has an epic atmosphere that goes for the throat immediately. The riffs here are infectious as is the melodies. Midgard’s vocals go from your typical black metal rasp to a clean shout that almost sounds like agony or despair. There are some clean choirs over some clean vocal shouts that add even more layers to this already epic tune.

Once again, I’m not sure how OUIJA escaped my radar since 1995. Fathomless Hysteros is their third full length and they also have some splits and EPs as well so I have some homework to do. In the meantime, I will continue to play this album on repeat as I have for a few weeks now. You should try it…you’ll thank me later. Essential!


Line Up:
Midgard – Vocals
Map – Guitars
JM101 – Guitars
Shogoth – Bass
Fulgur – Drums

Track Listing:
1. Fathomless Hysteros
2. Bestia negra
3. I See You Without Eyes
4. The Fifth Rider
5. Hijo del caído
6. Adversary
7. Unbriedled Transylvanian Passion

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