VOIVOD -Album Of Re-Recorded Versions Of Early Songs To Celebrate 40th Anniversary

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VOIVOD has revealed to Agoraphobic News that he and his bandmates are working on a 40th-anniversary album, apparently titled “Morgöth Tales”, featuring re-recorded versions of songs from their first few albums. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It was a really fun thing to do. It was like a time capsule, going back in time [to] revisit these old songs, especially one in particular, which was first song we ever recorded [‘Condemned To The Gallows’]; that was for ‘Metal Massacre V’ [1984] on Metal Blade Records back in the day, before our first album. And the funny thing about it was there was no lyric sheet in the compilation itself. It was us, including many other bands. And the way it was recorded, it was really hard to figure out the lyrics; I couldn’t remember what I was singing. So we’re looking everywhere on the Internet, if someone has it or whatever. And it was nowhere [to be] found. And then I said to myself, ‘Maybe mom has it in the attic somewhere.’ And then I called my sister: ‘Can you check at mom’s place? Maybe she put it somewhere.’ And she went, and my mom classified — everything is in order with mom. And she was, like, ‘Yeah, yeah, I have it. File number six.’ And then she pulls out the only copy of the lyrics in the world of that song.’ And we were, like, ‘Yeah!’ ‘Cause [music for] the song was already recorded. And we were, like, ‘Oh my God. What are we gonna do?'”

Circling back to the upcoming 40th-anniversary album, Snake said that it will contain a song “not [from] every album, but mostly the period from ‘Rrröööaaarrr’, ‘Killing Technology’, ‘Dimension Hatröss’, ‘Nothingface’; we revisit one song from each [album]. And it’s in a chronological [order]. So it’s very fun. It was fun to do.”

According to the singer, the LP, which “should be out around July”, will contain “about 10 or 12 songs”, including “Thrashing Rage” and “Killing Technology”. He added: “It was really — like I said — like a time capsule, going back. And I’m trying to sing these songs like I used to. It was really fun to do,” he repeated.

As previously reported, VOIVOD will return to the USA with a run of shows this spring. Featuring IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT as support, this trek will be part one of VOIVOD’s “40 Years Of Morgöth Tales” tour.

Before “40 Years of Morgöth Tales” part one, VOIVOD will make select appearances across the U.K. and Netherlands in April; then, the group will return to Europe in May for a tour with TESTAMENT and EXODUS, with festivals to follow in the summer.

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