Medevil’s “Among Thieves” Off Upcoming “Mirror In The Darkness” Out April 2023

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Medevil is a highly energetic, fast-paced metal band known for its tight songwriting, intense stage presence, and roaring vocals. Back in 2016, they released their debut album “Conductor of Storms” and this year they are following it up with “Mirror In The Darkness”, which is dedicated to their late drummer Chris Malcolmson whose drums are recorded on the album. Their first single is “Among Thieves”, a straight-shooting thrashy metal song – with some interesting twists – that bridges the gap sonically between the two albums. Fans of the first album should appreciate this song. A triplet feels with unrelenting riffs, and catchy bass lines, that are brought to life through Liam Collingwood’s vocals and lyrical themes relating to greed, and stealing time (whether your own or someone else’s). The band comments:

“We are extremely excited to put this one out as the first taste of the new album. This song is definitely the thrashiest, which should connect a lot with people who enjoyed “Conductor of Storms”. It has probably the toughest riffs on the album, with all the riffs and layout here written by Gary, and keeps the energy high throughout. We feel like it’ll be a fan favourite live since there are some sections that are easy to chant, and the time changeup keeps it feeling interesting near the end. The lyrics talk about the greed living around us all, from any era, whether is financial greed or stealing someone’s time away from them.”

“Mirror In The Darkness” definitely has its singles that can be pulled out and enjoyed individually, but Medevil suggests that the best way to get the intended listening experience is to play it front to back in a sitting. They spent a lot of time considering the flow of the album, from fast and energetic to dark and brooding, so there is a lot of variety that will come from a fully engaged listen.

Progressive and powerful, Medevil is recommended for fans of Mastodon, Metal Church, and Accept.

Listen to “Among Thieves” via its premiere on Bravewords HERE.

“Mirror in the Darkness” comes out on April 7, 2023.

Album teaser –

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Upcoming Events:
March 24 – Chilliwack, BC – Flashback Brewing Co. (Album Listening Party)
April 13 – Vancouver, BC – Fox Cabaret – Hyperspace Metal Fest – info

Track Listing:
1. Dead Before Birth (6:18)
2. Among Thieves (5:00)
3. Pray for Me (6:35)
4. The Signal (7:22)
5. Smoke and Mirrors (1:48)
6. Weight of the Crown (4:18)
7. Mirror in the Darkness (8:31)
8. Gateways (2:41)
9. Veiled (3:56)
10. No Peace in Rest (9:23)
Album Length: 55:58

Album Recording Lineup:
Liam Collingwood – Vocals
Gary Cordsen – Lead Guitar
Brett Gibbs – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals
Eric Wesa – Bass & Backup Vocals
Chris Malcolmson – Drums

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About: Medevil is a highly energetic, fast-paced metal band known for its tight songwriting, intense stage presence, and roaring vocals. They are one of the few metal bands coming out of Chilliwack BC and hold that title proud as they have earned much praise and respect since their inception in 2014. As one of the 6 national finalists of the 2015 Wacken Metal Battle Canada, they are becoming more and more renowned throughout the country; their fame attaining them a following in their local town and across through to Vancouver.

Their music could be described as “power thrash” with half of their set being chorus-driven, and the other half focusing on blistering fast riffs. Influences for the band include Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Metal Church. Their fast but catchy songs keep the crowd chanting throughout the set, and leave them wanting more. Liam Collingwood, the band’s singer, keeps the band image in theme with the songs while on stage and will wear thematic outfits when the mood demands it.

The band was founded on January 13, 2014, by Eric Wesa (bass), as well as brothers Liam (vocals) and Ross Collingwood (drums). It only took two months after the band’s inception before the boys found the ultimate guitar duo they were looking for, Gary Cordsen and Brett Gibbs. Once the lineup was solidified, they wasted no time performing shows and begin their musical journey. As a band, Medevil has two common goals; to explore their musical talents, and continue performing live for their fast-growing fanbase.

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