CRS Find Melodic Death Metal Success With New Single “The Failure”

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Hailing from Sonora, Mexico, the death metal act CRS started back in 1991, and since then has been cranking out punishing technical riffs, and evil growls. Their beginning influences were in the realm of technical death metal and death metal, but they have always sought out different song structures and embraced fusion. They have a new single featuring guest vocals from Kath Danzig coming out that takes them in a new direction toward the melodic end of the spectrum. “The Failure” talks about how we, as a human race, have failed. Not caring about tomorrow, nor the young ones, we are a failure. A disgrace to intelligence. How there is no empathy, just emptiness. The band explains further:

“CRS has always wanted to be versatile. We want to offer music that we like, we never think about music styles, but about a good metal song. In the case of “The Failure” we made an exception, we did seek to make a “melodic death metal” since we had never done it before, even though we really like that style. The single has an important message, humanity is a failure and it has screwed up the whole planet. Having a female guttural singer as a guest brings an interesting shine to the band.”

CRS has always loved clean guitar passages and melodic guitar solos, so this time we wanted to compose a full-death melodic song, at least their version. It has a comfortable structure, but without losing the intensity that they have come to be known for. It will still be recognizable for current fans and add a new dimension that will intrigue those who are hearing them for the first time.

“The Failure” wasn´t originally for CRS, but they liked it so much that they kept it. They cite that the freshness comes from the freedom in thinking it was for someone else. With both English and Spanish vocals, it stands out among other songs in the genre. It is recommended for fans of Meshuggah, Fear Factory, and Carcass.

Listen to “The Failure” ft. guest vocals from Kath Danzig via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

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About: CRS is a Death Metal band from Sonora, Mexico, formed in 1991 with the name Cirrosis by Francisco “Chucky” Oroz and Sir OZ, are the only original members in the current lineup. Due to their technical capacity to adhere to progressive elements and melodic solos, CRS quickly gained notoriety in the local and national scene. Their live performances were characterized by intensity and fury, becoming a cult band. In 1996, “Joseph Lev” joined the band and they recorded their first demo “La Tierra de la Adicción” which was distributed limitedly. In 1999, CRS entered the studio and recorded the album “Reciclando Desesperación” in Spanish, offering a range of different Death Metal styles, highlighting the quality of its production.

In 2001, CRS decided to break up, and its members continued with their personal and professional projects. In 2014, Concreto Records decided to reissue the album “Reciclando Desesperación” describing it as “The maladaptive sound that disturbed a style in Mexico that can currently give lessons to current modern bands”.

In 2019, CRS returned to record their second studio album “The Collector of Truths” with Concreto Records. Two international musicians play as guests in the album, Kevin Talley (Dying

Fetus, Suffocation, Chimaira), on drums, and Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Alkaloid) on bass. In September 2020, CRS recorded a Live Session for the Mexican online festival “Moshfest” which became an EP called “Live in isolotation” featuring Kello Gonzalez on bass, who became an official member on December 2021.

In March 2022, they released a new single titled “The enemy has always been me”. In October 2022, CRS played live after twenty years with the Brazilian band Sepultura. On that same date, Hideki Inukai joined the band on the second guitar.

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