Best of 2022: John Haseltine

Spread the metal:

1. Diggeth – Zero Hour In Doomtown
Getting more and more into the stoner metal/rock scene has been fun for me. Every track on ZERO HOUR TO DOOMTOWN is excellent. There are so many different aspects to the genre. Here, Diggeth is more on the Southern side of life. During my first run-through of this album, bands like Brand New Sin, Spiritual Beggars, and C.O.C. (not the punk side) were my first thoughts when trying to compare them to a familiar band of note. Yet after several more listens, it is almost like I cannot get enough of this band.

2. Sideburn – Fired Up!
This album is full of catchy riffs, ripping bluesy-esque solos, and arena style chant along choruses. I took an instant liking to it and have run through it numerous times now and I am already looking into their back catalog. So, if you dig the sounds of AC/DC, Broken Teeth, or Airbourne, you are going to love the tunes these guys crank out.

3. Amon Amarth – The Great Heathen Army
Amon Amarth! What else needs to be said? The formula works and with The Great Heathen Army, once again the band did not disappoint in any way.

4. Ike’s Wasted World – Tres Lobos

5. Kreator – Hate Uber Alles

6. Assimilator – Assimilator

7. Amorphis – Halo

8. Reanimator – Commotion

9. Flames – Resurgence

10. Septckh – Greetings From The End

11. Holy Roller – Swimming Witches

12. Kadavermarch – Into Oblivion

13. Symphony Of Heaven – Maniacal Entropik

14. The Silent Wedding – Ego Path

15. Eyes Of The Living – Fear Comes Walking

16. Anvil – Impact Is Imminent

17. Final Cry – The Ever-Rest

18. Evil – Book Of Evil

19. Fallen Sanctuary – Terra Nova

20. 10,000 Years – III