Members of Thunderstone and Smackbound join the Ecuadorian metal group Black Sun

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The Ecuadorian power metal Black Sun has announced the official statement regarding the new members having joined the band.

“We are very excited to finally make an official statement regarding our band’s future and lineup. It’s been some time since we toured with our Finnish friends Nino Laurenne and Netta Laurenne and during that time, our bond grew much stronger. After the tour, we decided to work immediately on our new album, welcoming Nino and Netta as official members of the band. We have finished recording the band at Hi NoiZ Studio in Ecuador and vocals will be finalized by Netta at Sonic Pump Studios where the album will also be mixed by Nino. You’ll get to hear more news regarding this exciting new chapter for Black Sun soon enough!”

”I am happy and excited to join Black Sun as their new lead singer! Making music together with people from the other side of the world has been a great experience and really proves that music is a language that connects people. As I got to share the stage with Santiago, Christopher, Nicolas and Nino last summer in Ecuador, it became very clear that this is a family of metal heads and families stick together. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!”, tells Netta.


Nino comments: ”I’m more than happy to join Black Sun! We’ve been working together since 2016 when the guys were in Finland recording The Puppeteer album and later in 2019 I traveled to Guayaquil, Ecuador to produce the Silent Enemy-EP. Every time we’ve been making music together has been fun, relaxing and productive so becoming a guitarist of Black Sun feels pretty natural. The tour in Ecuador with the guys and Netta last year hit the final nail in the coffin and we seriously started to talk about me joining the band. So here we are together…three Ecuadorians and two Finnish rockers ready to start releasing new killer songs and blasting the stages in 2023! I’m totally stoked about this and my sincere thanks go to Nicolas, Santiago and Christopher for trusting in me and giving me this great opportunity! Let’s do this!”