Incursion – Blinding Force

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Reviewed: January 1, 2023
Released: November 11, 2022, No Remorse Records
Rating: 3.5/5.0
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

Nashville’s INCURSION has a rather long history, going back to 1982. Originally located in Miami, Florida they were active from 1982-1986 with only releasing a demo in 1984. They reformed in 2018 and has since recorded an EP in 2020. Now, finally after 40 years, their debut full length album, Blinding Force, has been released. This is totally a stroll down memory lane as this album screams 80s. From the song structure to the recording style, but since the core of this band dates from the 80s, this is not just another throw back band.

From the first notes that ring out from the album opener and title track, you know this is old school metal. Starting off slow with a doom atmosphere only to kick in with some old school riffing this is a mid paced driving tune. The song structure is really good and the choruses are really catchy. As with any traditional metal song, we need a solo….and we get one. Not overly technical or melodic, it is an adequate solo that keeps the song flowing. I would have liked a little more shredding but that is a personal preference. “Vengeance” follows and that is another straight up rocker with some nice riffs and a much better solo. “Running Out” is the first single from the album. This is another straight up metal song with some killer riffing and an awesome chorus, However, it is also where the album’s shortcomings raise their heads.

This is actually a frustrating album because the ideas are great and the songwriting is strong. Where they come up a little short is the execution, especially in the vocal department. The vocalist can sing but he seems like he is out of his natural range a lot of times. The early part of “The Sentinal” (not a Priest cover) shows his limits. The chorus would have been incredible but his execution came up short. “Master of Evil” is another example of a great chorus that suffered from poor execution. Some of those higher notes are hard to listen to. The other part of that execution flaws is in the solos. They are extremely melodic and that does add some nice melodies to the songs, I just think they could use a little substance and variety.

Apart from some of those issues I had with the album, this band has potential to be a relevant player in the metal scene. This is, in no way, a bad album. The songwriting and the riff ideas are exactly what you would expect from a traditional metal band. That said, after waiting forty years to release their debut full length, they must feel good about finally having that out there.


Line Up:
Steve Samson – Vocals
Maxx Havick – Guitars
Michael Lashinsky – Guitars
Robbie Crede – Bass
Dan Douchette – Drums

Track Listing:
1. Blinding Force
2. Vengeance
3. Running Out
4. The Sentinel
5. The Rites
6. Master of Evil
7. Strike Down
8. Hang ’em High
9. Riot Act

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