AC/DC-Stiff Upper Lip-Live (DVD review)

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Reviewed: January, 2023
Released: 2001, Warner
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

It can get a bit cold and dark here in the winter months in Canada and AC/DC is a good band to blast away the winter blues. I’ve been on a bit of an AC/DC kick and accordingly I’m doing a two-part feature for January (AC/DC on screen) where I review three AC/DC DVD’s and February (AC/DC in print) where I review some books about AC/DC. Please feel free to read all the reviews in this feature.

AC/DC has the very annoying habit of putting out live concerts on DVD, with no corresponding Live CD. LIVE AT DONINGTON (1992), NO BULL (1996) and this one have still yet to have a proper live album release. At least they learned the error of their ways and their 5th live concert DVD (LIVE AT RIVER PLATE, 2011) was put out on CD. I got tired of waiting for twenty years to hear this concert so I finally bought this DVD really cheap.

Speaking of cheap, this is pretty weak in terms of packaging and presentation. It is housed in one of those eco/cardboard cases with the little plastic tab, not in a proper DVD case. They are easily damaged and this one has no booklet. It has a decent eye-catching cover.

This concert was captured in Germany, on June 14, 2001 in support of, you guessed it, the STIFF UPPER LIP tour. There are not many frills. The only bonus feature is a 10- minute interview. It is not even an interview, more like a little montage of the band getting ready to go to the gig, some backstage footage, and a brief segment of all five of the band guys sitting in a row making basic statements about the show and tour. It is about as plain a concert DVD as you can get.

The DVD begins with a brief intro film featuring a giant metal/bronze angus statue stampeding around to tie in with the album art. The band hits the giant stage, complete with a massive long ego ramp, in the giant stadium, just before sunset. You can see various guitars and caps with the Angus devil horns scattered around the crowd.

The stage is flanked atop by two giant Angus devil horn caps and to start the show the giant angus statue bursts onto the stage. Everything is larger than life. The setlist is the standard fare, not too many surprises. Malcolm and Cliff assume their positions on either side of the drum riser and do not move for the duration. Drummer Phil is seen with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth at one point! Angus whirls around and Johnson stalks the stage with his minimal stage banter in between songs.

The bands stage show hasn’t evolved too much over the years…Brian swings on the giant bell during ‘Hell’s Bells’, giant flames shoot up during ‘Highway to Hell’, multiple cannons fire off during ‘For Those About To Rock…’ and naturally the giant inflatable Rosie makes an appearance during ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’. It’s all super fun and what we have come to expect.

The band run through the set with energy and before you know it the show is done! The sound is great, the multiple camera angles are great; clear picture better than the LIVE IN DONINGTON DVD 10 years prior. You can’t really go wrong with LIVE AC/DC!

Track Listing:

1 Newsflash
2 Stiff Upper Lip
3 You Shook Me All Night Long
4 Problem Child
5 Thunderstruck
6 Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
7 Hard As A Rock
8 Shoot To Thrill
9 Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution
10 What Do You Do For Money Honey
11 Bad Boy Boogie
12 Hells Bells
13 Up To My Neck In You
14 The Jack
15 Back In Black
16 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
17 Highway To Hell
18 Whole Lotta Rosie
19 Let There Be Rock
20 T.N.T.
21 For Those About To Rock We Salute You
22 Shot Down In Flames
23 Credits