AC/DC-Plug Me In (DVD Review)

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Reviewed: January, 2023
Released: 2007, Columbia Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It can get a bit cold and dark here in the winter months in Canada and AC/DC is a good band to blast away the winter blues.  I’ve been on a bit of an AC/DC kick and accordingly I’m doing a two-part feature for January (AC/DC on screen) where I review three AC/DC DVD’s and February (AC/DC in print) where I review some books about AC/DC.   Please feel free to read all the reviews in this feature.

AC/DC has no shortage of home videos The last time I counted there were 11 and if you count the three boxsets, even more. The gods of rock ‘n roll shone favourably on me on Black Friday of 2022, as I found a brand new, sealed copy of PLUG ME IN at my local used store, at a very reasonable price. Not only that it was the ‘Collector’s Edition’, which is even sweeter.

This DVD set, released in 2007, was a pretty big deal at the time. It went gold and platinum in many countries across the world. It came out in six different variations, some of them having exclusive tracks depending on which retailer you bought it from. This is a bit of a cheap ploy to lure consumers because there was no ‘Ultimate Edition’ with all the content from all five versions, meaning a die-hard fan would have to buy at least four versions to get all the various bonus content. My version had lots of extra memorabilia, but not the bonus CD’s.

PLUG ME IN, is just gorgeous in terms of design and layout. The sturdy box houses the three discs and a center section houses all the cool memorabilia, replications of posters, back-stages passes and so forth. A real treasure chest! A slip cover protects the watermarked cover of the actual set.

There is seven hours (!) of video footage here dating from 1976 to 2003, from TV appearances in Australia to the bands appearance at the Toronto SARS fest back in 2003…and everything in between. It would be a fool’s errand to try to write a comprehensive review of every clip, but I will hit a few highlights. There are currently (as of time of writing) 375 reviews/rankings of this set on, so I don’t think I can add much to the conversation, other than being a completist for Metal-Rules!

The DVD is very well-designed and easy to navigate. The sound and picture quality are very good, expect from some of the roughest bootleg footage from France. I thought it was neat to see the band getting interviewed on the street on in an airport back in the mid-to late 70’s. They look so young and bon is always the charmer. We get to enjoy dozens of videos from Australia to Japan from to London to Germany and more. The footage is spread from theme early 70’s and shows on Top of The Pops to huge concerts. The scale of the Toronto stuff is impressive all the way down to band rehearsals in the 80’s. The band add some gems performances of lesser played songs like ‘Bedlam in Belgium’ in 1983 and ‘Hail Caesar’ in 2006. There is a floating ‘scrapbook’ where various news articles, flyers ticket stubs and back stage passes float by the screen. You can try to pause them but many of them are too blurry to read except for the titles or headlines. There are others bits and pieces like the intro films that air before live concerts. It was nice to have those replicated here. The quantity and quality of material is almost overwhelming!

I don’t own the BONFIRE boxset so I don’t know how much crossover there is here compared to that set. I do know there is virtually no crossover with FAMILY JEWELS the other DVD set with rare video. There might be songs from the same TV appearances in Australia or on the BBC for example, but not the same songs.

I’m so impressed the band had the foresight to keep all these old clips from the 70’s. It is a real nostalgia trip and important visual documentation of one of the greatest rock bands of all time. If you only get one AC/DC DVD set, despite the high price tag, this 3-DVD version is the one to own.

Track Listing:

DVD 1 (2 hours 22 mins)

01. High Voltage (King Of Pop awards) – October 1975 (4:02)
02. It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll) (Bandstand) (4:41)
03. School Days (St Albans) – March 1976 (5:40)
04. TNT (St Albans) – March 1976 (4:46)
05. Live Wire (Rollin Bolan) – July 1976 (6:12)
06. Can I Sit Next To You Girl (Rollin Bolan) – July 1976 (4:14)
07. Baby Please Don’t Go (Melbourne) – December 1976 (11:49)
08. Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be (Sight & Sound) – October 1977 (5:13)
09. Rocker (Sight and Sound) – October 1977 (8:10)
10. Rock ‘n Roll Damnation (Apollo) – April 1978 (3:44)
11. Dog Eat Dog (Apollo Glasgow) – April 1978 (4:26)
12. Let There Be Rock (Apollo) – April 1978 (8:27)
13. Problem Child (Rock Goes To College) – October 1978 (4:44)
14. Sin City (Rock Goes To College) – October 1978 (5:23)
15. Bad Boy Boogie (Rock Goes To College) – October1978 (9:06)
16. Highway To Hell (Veronika) – July 1979 (4:12)
17. The Jack (Veronika) – July 1979 (5:19)
18. Whole Lotta Rosie (Veronika) – July 1979 (5:19)

DVD 1 Bonus Footage:

* Band Interview at Airport 1976 (2:16)
* Band Interview at Covent Garden (2:27)
* “Problem Child” – Melbourne (3:56)
* “Baby Please Don’t Go” (Germany, incomplete) (2:10)
* “Dirty Deeds” on Network Sounds (0:40)
* Bon Scott Interview (15:11)
* “Rock n’ Roll Damnation” – Top of the Pops (2:47)
* Australian Music to the World interview in Atlanta (1:31)
* Nice Super 8 movie (3.34)

AC/ DVD 2 (2 hours 30 minutes):

01. Shot Down In Flames (Tokyo) – February 1981 (3:27)
02. What Do You Do For The Money – (Tokyo) – February 1981 (2:38)
03. Shook Me All Night – February 1981 (4:55)
04. Let There Be Rock (Tokyo) – February 1981 (5:29)
05. Back In Black (Largo 81) – December 1981 (3:34)
06. TNT (Largo 81) (3:39)
07. Shoot To Thrill (Houston) – October 1983 (5:23)
08. Guns For Hire (Detroit) – November 1983 (5:24)
09. Dirty Deeds (Detroit) – November 1983 (4:12)
10. Flick Of The Switch (Largo 83) (3:27)
11. Bedlam In Belgium (Largo 83) (3:24)
12. Back In Black (USSR) – September 1991 (2:15)
13. Highway To Hell (USSR) – September 1991 (3:36)
14. Whole Lotta Rosie (USSR) – September 1991 (4:16)
15. For Those About To Rock (USSR) – September 1991 (6:52)
16. Gone Shooting (VH1 Session) – July 1996 (6:03)
17. Hail Caesar (Sydney Screen Mix) – 1996 Tour (5:43)
18. Ballbreaker (Sydney Screen Mix) – 1996 Tour (4:29)
19. Rock N Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (Sydney Screen Mix) – Tour 1996 (6:34)
20. Hard As a Rock (Stade De France) – June 2001 (5:02)
21. Hells Bells (Stade De France) – June 2001 (5:49)
22. Ride On (Stade De France) – June 2001 (6:27)
23. Stiff Upper Lip (Munich) – June 2003 (3:54)
24. Thunderstruck (Munich) – June 2003 (5:24)
25. If You Want Blood (Toronto) – July 2003 (5:35)
26. The Jack (Toronto) – July 2003 (9:50)
27. You Shook Me All Night (Toronto) – July 2003 (4:27)

DVD 2 Bonus Footage:

* Beavis and Butthead intro to Ballbreaker tour (1:16)
* “Hells Bells” in Brussells (3:40)
* Donnington BBC interview with Angus (1:03)
* Warmup for VH1 (4:20)
* “Rock Me Baby” – Jam with THE ROLLING STONES (6:43)

DVD 3 (Bonus DVD) (2 hours 7 minutes):

01. Girl’s Got Rhythm (Australian TV) – 1979 (3:30)
02. She’s Got Balls (St. Albans High School 76) (6:20)
03. Long Way To the Top (St Albans High School 76) (7:08)
04. Let There Be Rock (BBC Sight & Sound 77) (5:57)
05. Bad Boy Boogie (Apollo Glasgow 78) (7:49)
06. House Is On Fire (Detroit 83) (3:06)
07. Guns For Hire (Band rehearsals 84) (3:50)
08. Boogey Man (Sydney 96) (10:49)
09. Girl’s Got Rhythm (Sydney 96) (4:08)
10. Highway to Hell (Dublin 1996) (7:01)
11. Let There Be Rock (Stuttgart 2000) (10:55)
12. Angus Statue Intro (Stiff Upper Lip Tour Film 2001) (1:26)

Live at Houston Summit 83 (Whole Concert segment runs 53 minutes):

01. Guns For Hire (5:31)
02. Shoot To Thrill (5:32)
03. Sin City (5:24)
04. House Is On Fire (3:58)
05. Back In Black (4:12)
06. Bad Boy Boogie (14:33)
07. Rock ‘n Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (5:07)
08. Flick Of The Switch (3:25)
09. Hells Bells (5:24)