Armored Saint-Lessons Not Well Learned 1991-2001 (DVD Review)

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Reviewed: December, 2022
Released: 2004, Metal Blade
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: JP

Armored Saint has been in the news a bit lately with news of a new documentary film about the band, and a successful opening slot on W.A.S.P’s return to North America tour. In our eternal quest to review every Metal DVD ever made, this is a good time to review the two previous Armored Saint DVD’s, A TRIP THRU RED TIMES (2003) and LESSONS NOT WELL LEARNED (2004). Feel free to read both of these reviews!

After almost a decade of inactivity Armored Saint, in the year 2000 put out the marginally well received REVELATIONS. To capitalize on this brief surge in momentum, the bands label at the time, Metal Blade, reissued the band’s first home video from 1991, in 2003. That VHS covered 1982-1990.  A year later the band issued LESSONS NOT WELL LEARNED which picked up the story from 1991-2000. It was sort of a one-two punch, back-to-back DVD releases a year apart.

I like how this DVD was designed. Unlike a standard live concert or a simple collection of videos it is presented as a video magazine. It is a wide-ranging collection of clips, interviews, videos, bloopers. The band didn’t take it too seriously and it is presented as such. There is a single sheet insert but no booklet to speak of.

The main feature is hosted by Gonzo acting like a goofball in between segments. The videos range in quality from adequate to not so good. Most of it is hand held stuff or maybe shot from a camera on a tripod at the sound board.  The twelve live videos are drawn from four different shows, in 1991, 2000 and 2001.

There are quite a few bonus features but nothing of huge substance with one exception, which I will mention in a minute. There are three videos ‘Reign Of Fire’ and ‘Last Train Home’ both of which appeared on A TRIP THRU RED TIMES DVD and ‘Symbol Of Salvation’. T here are a few blooper reels, discography, photo gallery and so on.

The best bonus on top of the mildly entertaining DVD is a bonus Live CD/EP. This six song CD was recorded in 1984 but it is not credited as to where or when. This is worth the price of admission.

This DVD, while amusing, feels a bit thin. As I alluded to earlier, the band was not really active from 1992-2000 so they have stretched a very limited amount of material into a DVD. This is good for die-hard fans but I’m not sure I’d recommend this to a fan who wasn’t familiar with the band.

Track Listing:

Disc 1 (DVD)

1. Intro
2. Pay Dirt (live in San Diego 2001)
3. Warzone (live in Los Angeles 1991)
4. Commercial Break # 1
5. The Truth Always Hurts (live in Los Angeles 1991)
6. After Me, the Flood (live in Bochum 2000)
7. Red Onion
8. Take a Turn (live in Anaheim 1991)
9. Symbol of Salvation (live in Bochum 2000)
10. Red Onion Revisited
11. Tainted Past (live in Los Angeles 1991)
12. Commercial Break # 2
13. Creepy Feelings (live in Bochum 2000)
14. Another Day (live in Los Angeles 1991)
15. For the Sake of Heaviness (live in Anaheim 1991)
16. Tension (live in Los Angeles 2001)
17. New Song
18. Tribal Dance (live in San Diego 2001)
19. Outro
20. Reign of Fire (video clip)
21. Last Train Home (video clip)
22. Symbol of Salvation (video clip)

Disc 2 (CD) – Live 1984

1. Envy
2. Glory Hunter
3. False Alarm
4. Can U Deliver
5. Lesson Well Learned
6. Madhouse