Wage War + The Devil Wears Prada + Siamese @Electric Ballroom, Camden

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Wage War + The Devil Wears Prada + Siamese

@ Electric Ballroom, Camden

26 October 2022

Photos and review by E Jepson

Fans swarmed around the Electric Ballroom waiting eagerly to get in. Fitting in perfectly in the bustling streets of Camden, fans adorned themselves with Wage War, The Devil Wears Prada and Siamese merch, chains and hair dye. Flooding into the venue, the room began to fill with anticipation and excitement for the first band, Siamese. A Danish rock band formed in 2011 and comprised of Mirza Radonjica, Joakim Stilling, Andreas Kruger, Christian Hjort Lauritzen and Marc Schultz Nommesen, the band took to the stage powerfully and perfectly on time causing the crowd to respond with an energetic and appreciative cheer.

Hues of all colours, but mainly red, danced their way across the stage making the room glow. With such power and confidence, Siamese wowed the crowd with their hypnotic music and Joker violin. Dancing, headbanging and singing overcame the crowd, everyone was enjoying what they were hearing. If they hadn’t heard of Siamese before they definitely would have left as fans. After performing an incredible and intense set it, unfortunately, came to the end. As the atmosphere dropped slightly Siamese reminded everyone of the incredible band up next, The Devil Wears Prada.

Formed in 2005 in Dayton, Ohio, The Devil Wears Prada is an incredible metalcore band, with their style gradually placing less overt emphasis on the Christian themes of their earlier days, and formed of Mike Hranica (vocals and guitar), Jeremy DePoyster (guitar), Kyle Sipress (guitar), Mason Nagy (bass), Jonathan Gering (keyboard), and Giuseppe Capolupo (drums). As the band strode on stage, knowing what was to come, the crowd yelled loudly in excitement. Powerful beams of light illuminated the full room, dancing along with the force of the music. Such strong vocals and talented musicians exceeded most people’s expectations of the night.

As the set went on, the atmosphere grew and grew, overtaking the high excitement for Siamese only minutes earlier. A sense of unity doused the room, everyone was a part of this experience and no one was going to be left out. Crowd surfers were hoisted onto the awaiting arms of the surrounding audience members and sent flooding down to the barricade. An almost constant torrent of bodies flew through the air with Mike Hranica joining in just before The Devil Wears Prada finished off their set, taking his guitar and standing with the crowd holding him up, the band finished off an incredible set. A massive cheer of thanks and appreciation echoed through the venue as the band exited the stage.

For the moment everyone had been waiting for, Wage War, a metalcore band formed in 2011 in Florida. With the lighting for Siamese and The Devil Wears Prada being so great it was incredibly disappointing to see the lighting (or the lack of lighting) for Wage War. Everyone in the music industry knows the joke about how the drummer is always in darkness, shoved to the back of the stage, but for Wage War this was flipped. Though the lighting was still very minimal, the drummer was the best lit out of all of them. Whilst Wage War took to the stage and began to play the crowd went wild, but the photographers in the pit all seemed to share an ‘oh shit’ moment as we and the band stayed in pitch black whilst the lighting fell onto the crowd. Instantly, we all knew this would be a hard one to capture.

Though the lighting was rough to start with, it got gradually better as the set went on, with some yellow strobes added to occasionally light the band. Formed of Briton Bond, Seth Blake, Cody Quistad, Chris Gaylord and Stephen Kluesener, the band put on an incredible performance, once again raising the excitement level of the room. The raw talent on stage tonight was phenomenal and the crowd interaction made it that bit better still. Crowd surfers once again flew through the room from all angles. There is a power that unites everyone at concerts and tonight it was incredibly apparent. Everyone seemed connected through the music, all united with a shared interest.

As the set flew by the crowd’s energy grew massively until it was unfortunately the end. As always, as soon as the band left the stage a cry out for ‘one more song’ engulfed the room. Obliging happily, Wage War came out again to give the people what they wanted. Overall you couldn’t have asked for a better night of entertainment.