Battle Beast with support act Circus Of Doom European Tour 2022 The Circus Is Coming To Town leg -1 – Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark

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Battle Beast – Headliner
Circus of Doom European Tour 2022

The Circus Is Coming To Town Leg 1 –
Future Palace – support act

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
28/8 – 2022

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall


The Finish metal act Battle Beast is finally out on their European tour. It was originally supposed to begin earlier in the year (2022) but has been postponed until after the summer. They did tour Finland earlier, as well as playing some European festival shows, but now it was time for a full-scale European and Scandinavian assault from the battle machine in support of their latest album, CIRCUS OF DOOM. In August the band shared that guitarist Joona Björkroth wasn’t able to take part of the tour due to family issues, but he’d be back in October. For the summer, Atte Ako joined as session guitarist.

On this tour, the band brought Future Palace along as openers, whom I haven’t heard before. This show took place in Copenhagen on a Sunday at the Pumpehuset. Doors were scheduled to open at 7pm, with Future Palace going on stage at 8pm. When I arrived at the club around 6pm, a short line had already formed.

Future Palace are a trio hailing from Germany. In June 2022 they released their second album, RUN, after which they’ve put out the single, “Paradise”. The band calls their music “post-hardcore”, and when I saw the stage it was pretty crowded with gear. Instead of putting the drums in the middle, they were placed off to the left.

Future Palace

As soon as the members came out on stage, they kicked off the show with “Dead Inside”, followed by “Flames”. It seemed like the band had a small but solid fanbase in attendance as singer Maria thanked them for their support saying, “We are Future Palace from Berlin Germany and it’s our first time in Denmark. It’s a dream come true to get out on tour and perform. The next song is called “Twisted””. She moved all around the stage while also standing on a box placed at the front. Guitarist Manuel was more calm, and stood mostly in his spot. The trio is:

Maria – lead vocals
Manuel – guitar
Johannes – drums

It is a bit hard to describe the band’s music, but I lean towards what the band labels themselves: a post hardcore act. Maria sang both regular vocals with some growls snuck in here and there.

They also had pre-programmed parts in the music, which Manuel controlled. It felt a bit strange that the band didn’t have any bass guitar, but maybe it was just me that thought that. The next songs up were “Ghost Chapter” and “Heads Up”, after which a new song followed in “Defeating Gravity”. I really don’t know what to think about their music, but it was fun that Battle Beast chose a pretty unknown band to open for them. Maria wanted the audience to give a hand for Battle Beast and thanked them for letting Future Palace open. “The next song is taken from our first album, and it’s the song “Break Free””.

“Fever”, “Locked”, and “Illusionist” continued and after that it was time for the last song in “Paradise”. “I hope you all have had a great evening because we sure had a great time together with you!”, Maria said, as the song ended the show.

The 45-minute show was something special to say the least. Even though I didn’t become a fan, it was nice to see something totally different than what I’m used to; different can be good sometimes. As I said, Future Palace did seem to have a few fans in the club, and they did their best to support the trio.

Set list
Dead Inside
Ghost Chapter
Heads Up
Defeating Gravity
Break Free

Even though the main act didn’t have much gear on stage, it took the crew a while to change it and about 30-minutes later an intro was heard through the PA and it was time for Battle Beast to conquer the stage.

Battle Beast

The band made their way on stage during the intro and kicked off the night with their new title track, “Circus of Doom”. Straight after came “Straight to the Heart”, which really woke up the crowd. The smoke machine threw out smoke that covered the stage and it seemed like the members was a bit crowded on the small stage. “Familiar Hell” was a crowd pleaser and made all of the fans scream out loud. The band members are:

Noora Louhimo – lead vocals
Janne Björkroth – keytar
Eero Sipilä – bass
Pyry Vikki – drums
Juuso Soinio – guitar
Otte Aho – guitar (live member)

Sparks burst out of the ceiling and the show kept on rolling at a furious pace. Sipilä thanked the fans for being there saying that the band was so glad to finally be on stage in Denmark again. He said the band had postponed the tour because of the pandemic but, “Now we don’t care, we want to come out and meet you, our fans, live. Even though we haven’t toured we have worked hard and have released a new album called CIRCUS OF DOOM and now it’s time to play a song from it called “Armageddon””. It felt like the fans had listened to the new album because they sang along to each new song. Louhimo spent most of the show standing on one of the black boxes on the stage floor while the rest of the members also stood on other boxes, although the guys also moved across the stage throughout the show.

“No, Joona Björkroth didn’t get a haircut on guitar if you thought that”, Louhimo said, “it’s Otte Aho, show him some love! We performed here once before, and it feels so nice that you wanted to come back and join us again. Here is “Place That We Call Home”!”. At the end of the song, she had the fans shout “hey, hey”, and it was a great atmosphere in the club. It felt like the band genuinely had a great time together on stage. A longish intro to the song “No More Hollywood Endings” came from the PA and it seemed like this was the song the fans had been waiting for. Sparks once again went off and along with the smoke machine it created a great setting for the song.

The band was extremely solid and were having fun, which rubbed off on the fans. I could only see happy faces everywhere I looked. At the end of the song Louhimo walked off the stage and when the song was over Sipilä said, “It seems like we have lost our singer but that doesn’t matter because now it’s time for me to sing a song. You’re all Vikings and I want to see everyone holding your phones up!” I’m not sure what he was singing, it was something in Swedish/Danish but the fans seemed to appreciate his time in the spotlight. Louhimo returned, saying ‘”The next song we can all sing together, it’s quite easy, we’re going to sing “Where Angels Fear to Fly”. It was a new song that the fans sang along with no problems. There were no doubts that the fans longed to see the band live and that Battle Beast has a solid and loyal fan base in Denmark.

Sipilä urged the fans to clap their hands for the next song and when he wasn’t satisfied, he said “Come on! I know you’re Vikings! Clap harder and louder for “Bastard Son of Odin”!”. The song is taken from the 2017’s BRINGER OF PAIN and seemed to be another favorite. Sipilä said, “We are Battle Beast and come from a mystical country in the north called Finland. Now it’s time for Janne Björkroth to show the latest from Finland!”. Just like the band did when they performed in Malmo a few years back, Vikki brought out some kind of device that included a keyboard with drums on top. He moved around with it on stage while Björkroth played on it. It felt like the band was just killing time and when they ended the showcase, Björkroth poured some liquor in glasses and handed it out to the crowd and band members. While he was doing that the band played a few notes of Kiss’ song “I Was Made For Loving You”.

Louhimo came back on stage asking if there had been a party while she was out and who was going to clean up the mess. “Are you feeling good?”, she asked the crowd, “We are ecstatic to be here in Copenhagen tonight, you are the absolute best crowd so far on the tour and I’m not lying. You’re better than the Swedish crowd!”. She then introduced the band and fired off “Russian Roulette”. “Wings of Light” was next after which Louhimo took a sip from a bottle and asked if the fans could guess what it was. After teasing the crowd and adding more thanks, she said “Your support means everything to us, let’s sing together in the next song “Eden””. That song ended the 70-minute show as the band left the stage.

Immediately the fans began to shout for encores and the first member to appear back on stage was Aho, pulling off a lead guitar intro that turned out to be “Master of Illusion”. Louhimo again had the fans chanting “hey, hey”, while Sipilä poured beer down the throat of Björkroth. Louhimo dedicated the next song to “all the kings and queens in the club this night”; the song was “King for a Day” which was an older favorite amongst the fans. The song is also a personal favorite of mine taken and it was great to hear it live. The final song for the night was “Beyond the Burning Skies”, also taken from BRINGER OF PAIN. After the song, she said “Battle Beast loves you all! Thanks for being such an amazing crowd.” And with those words the night with Battle Beast was over and done as the band took the now standard photo with the crowd before leaving the stage.

What an amazing show the band treated the fans to! It was pure energy, happiness, and fun, which the crowd loved. There was no doubt the band loved being on the road again and they did their absolute best to make it a special evening. The set list felt fresh, and it was fun and brave that the band played so many songs from the new album. I think that Battle Beast is going to be the next big thing exported from Finland. Maybe the lights could have worked better, however the sound system and the joy from the band made it a magical evening.

Set list
Circus of Doom
Straight to the Heart
Familiar Hell
Place That We Call Home
No More Hollywood Endings
Eye of the Storm
Where Angels Fear to Fly
Bastard Son of Odin
Russian Roulette
Wings of Light
Master of Illusion
King For a Day
Beyond the Burning Skies

Thanks to Leoni Dowidat head of media relations and pr at Nuclear Blast for help with press/photo-pass to this show

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