FLOATING – The Waves Have Teeth

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Reviewed: November 2022
Released: 2022, Spirit Coffin Publishing Presents
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Sofia Idrissi

The Swedish-based musicians of the newly formed band, FLOATING, have emerged with their first record, ‘The Waves Have Teeth’. After returning to the metal scene after their previous music projects, the duo has merged old-school death metal with their newly found post-punk twists to create a darker and heavier sound with their new band. A progressive and bold move away from conventional metal sub-genres, this record has you wanting to listen to track after track. There’s something very raw about the sounds of ‘The Seep’, opening with a faint sound of a horn and birds of some kind squawking in the background as if the musical instruments are ready to hit you in waves. ‘The Gag’, with consistent low growls, that at moments shock the listener with terrifying screams – these opening songs guide listeners into the darkness. The third track, ‘Pile of Birds’ starts with a chirpy pace, only to be bolstered down with drudging low vocals and chaotic but melodic riffs, accompanied by fast-paced drumming beats.

Similar to the previous track, ‘No eyes’ chimes the listener in a chaotic but harmonious frenzy of melodies, exacerbating their unique take on their death metal and post-punk twists. With silent moments adding drama to the middle of the song, the volatility of this track demonstrates an instability and lonely feeling that one sometimes feels. The two last tracks merge into each other with ‘The Hill Will Know Him’, where it is the last time you hear vocals before the last track fades into ‘The Floating Horror’; beautifully melancholic, with widening instrumental pieces fit for the turning of autumn with ever shorter days and longer nights, and perhaps a cruel reminder that people will eventually be forgotten.

FLOATING has pushed forward with an emotive and experimental record, fitting for gloomy times but with hopeful-sounding melodies scattered in some of their songs. An exciting twist to the bands that have influenced this band such as Cannibal Corpse and The Cure, and it is worth listening to if you want to hear just how these two genres of metal can collide yet dance together.




01- The Seep

02 – Gag

03 – Pile of Birds

04 – No Eyes

05 – The Hill Will Know Him

06 – The Floating Horror

Band Line-up:

Arvid Sjödin and Andreas Hörmark


Facebook: www.facebook.com/floatingdeathmetal

Instagram: www.instagram.com/floatingdeathmetal/

Website: spiritcoffinpublishing.bigcartel.com/