Elysatium – The Giants’ Fall

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Reviewed: November 2022
Released: 2022, independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Kira Levine

Founded in 2007, Elysatium are a Swedish-Danish symphonic metal trio. After 15 years of existence, the band released their debut album this year. The Giants’ Fall boasts seven single releases and several of those have been given music videos.

Opener “The Hunger” is almost six minutes of triumphant power-symphonic metal. Lyrics such as “Everyone wants something from me“ and “Bowing to demanding hands” seems to centre around the idea of one being used by others. Stine Grove’s unique voice communicate the song’s theme well as her passionate delivery give a lot of emotion to the words.

“Safe World” sounds like an anthem for outsiders, motivating the listener to stay strong and embrace their individuality. “The Giants’ Fall” builds on the delightful vocal hooks featured in “Virtual Lives”, proving itself a worthy title track.

Marc Kevin’s drum add drama to the beginning of “Destiny”, before the whole song results in a hard-hitting performance. A couple of solos from Steen Caspersen (one before the vocals kick in and another between the last choruses) work with the lighter instrumentation well and provide some metal moments that make the mid-point of the album memorable.

“Flirting with Death” starts off very soft, then evolves gradually into a much fiercer number, ensuring listeners will stay curious as they delve into the second half of the album. Straightforward in its approach, “Your Memory Lives On” is a heartfelt ballad that uses a slower pace and piano melodies to set the mood.

Championing inclusivity, “Who We Are” carries a similar message to track two, while being uplifting and just simply a joy to listen to. “Demons in Paradise” introduces more sounds to the record. While it does not contain as many stellar guitar parts as a few of its predecessors, it still carries an epic feel. This is helped largely by Grove’s talent and the folk-like instrumentation at the start and finish.

The Giants’ Fall is out now, via Elysatium’s Bandcamp.



1. The Hunger
2. Safe World
3. Virtual Lives
4. The Giants’ Fall
5. Insomnia
6. Destiny
7. Flirting with Death
8. Your Memory Lives On
9. Dead Zone
10. Who We Are
11. My Nothingness
12. Demons in Paradise

Band line-up:

Steen Caspersen – guitars
Stine Grove – vocals
Marc Kevin – drums