Aeon of Eternal – Letargiya

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Aeon of Eternal - Letargiya
Aeon of Eternal – Letargiya

Reviewed: November 2022
Released: 2022, self released
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Simon Wiedemann

Aeon of Eternal are a Polish atmospheric blackened doom metal band who formed in 2020. They self-released their debut album ‘The Wanderer’ in May of last year and most recently, their sophomore album in question ‘Letargiya’ on 2nd September, 2022. They have also released singles by the name of ‘Niwi’ (2021) and ‘Volcano of Frost’ (2022). The act composed, mixed and mastered their latest LP all by themselves, and features three members. Drum programmer Aeon is also on guitars and bass, Tihana provides female vocals, and Sebastian provides male ones. 

Even though this album lasts a good 42 minutes, there is only really one mood – scary, otherworldly despair. If that sounds monotonous to you, at least a small part of me agrees, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with being in the same emotional state for a not-so-long amount of time. If your mood changes frequently in such a period, it could suggest something is wrong. Sure you get doomy tempos and blast beats, but the latter don’t really excite too much in the traditional sense. They do up the excitement (agitation is a better word) in a way, but the music is simply too bleak with its harsh yet complex chord progressions and dreary clean/harsh singing for anything to get you out of a dark frame of mind. It’s like being told you’ll be going to Disneyland after being diagnosed with cancer! The blitzing ending section of ‘Runaway’ is an exception however, as it’s truly mental. 

The compositions are all perfectly fine in that they develop completely naturally (if not expertly) and there are no iffy notes. (And you get a lot in the form of frequent intricate guitar lines and meandering vocals). No sections go on for too long, no sections get rushed. Naturally, there will be many people who think a few seconds of this music would be too long, but those who are more openminded will appreciate what the act is trying to do. According to online translator (if it’s wrong, I sincerely apologise for effing up) ‘Letargiya’ means lethargy. A perfectly chosen word if you remember tired people often can’t get to sleep. Again, that could explain why the blast beats don’t really cause (positive) exhilaration – because they’re not supposed to. I don’t mean to moan, but you know what? There was a time in my life where I could relate to this music. So take my word for it, it does do a good job of capturing a certain state of mind. In that respect, it’s great art. Slightly monotonous at times, yet profound art. Aeon of Eternal is a very well chosen band name too, as the music seems to go on forever. I’m not trying to be funny, again I’m saying the music is great at creating a strong sense of hopelessness. 

In conclusion, this album isn’t bad at all, but as daring as I’m sure the band want to be, it is a little lacking in that crushing power many fans of the genre love. Instead of true power, you get more atmosphere and guitar chords with presumably very funny names. (e.g. E13b9 or whatever, I have no idea). The power chords that are utilised are at least reasonably crushing, but no more so than when most other guitarists use them. Darn. I don’t understand why the band couldn’t find a real drummer. Maybe no one wants to play with them, which I get. Are these guys ever going to be super famous and appear on prime time TV? No. I would bet a million pounds on it, only with the hope of getting a single pound coin in return if I’m right. THAT’S certainty. On the plus side, the drums sound perfectly fine, even though they are often so OTT. Arty people will likely love this music and I like it a lot, too. There is a lot of detail from all musicians and the music is highly intelligent. The growls from the male vocalist provide the aggression and the lady provides the spookiness – lots of layers, too!



1. Conflagration
2. Volcano of Frost3. Letargiya4. Waves5. Raev6. Runaway7. Passage

Band line-up:

Aeon – guitars, bass, drums programmingTihana Nikolic – female vocals & choirsSebastian Bracht – male vocals & choirs