Anthrax + Municipal Waste + Sworn Enemy @ Glasgow Academy

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Anthrax + Municipal Waste + Sworn Enemy

@ Glasgow Academy

30th September 2022

Photo & Review by Gavin Lowrey

Tonight sees the arrival of the Anthrax 40th birthday party with all its trimmings to Glasgow.

I first saw Anthrax back in 1987 when they supported Metallica at the legendary Newcastle Mayfair, and ever since then I have made sure that I have seen them on every trip they have made to the UK, and when this tour was announced I was certainly a happy chappie, although seeing the whole “40th anniversary” paraphernalia did certainly make me feel old!

The queue to get into the sold out Academy was snaked right round the block at 7pm with metalheads chomping at the bit to get into the venue and soak up the atmosphere before the mayhem was kicked off by NYC Hardcore specialists SWORN ENEMY.

With the venue well over half full, their intro track of “For Those About To Rock” fills the air before Jeff Cummings (lead guitar), Matt Garzilli (rhythm guitar), Mike Pucciarelli (bass) and Taykwuan Jackson (drums) slope onto the stage before vocalist and sole remaining founding member Sal Lococo explodes on to lead the rendition of the track bearing their “Sworn Enemy” name.

The set is a high speed explosion of the crossover sound made famous by the likes of Cro-Mags & DRI and the sound is very good, which is not always the case for a support band at The Academy, and a great start to the night.

We now have a totally full venue as Municipal Waste rip into “Demoraliser” to start off 45 minutes of constant crowdsurfing, circle pits & mayhem.

Vocalist Tony Foresta gets the crowd going in his own inimitable style and the band live up to their label as the ultimate party thrash band by ripping through their set at breakneck pace, with the highlights being “Electrified Brain”, “Wave of Death” and the set essentials “Born to Party” & “The Art of Partying”.

They leave nothing out there, and the crowd appreciate that.

After the first two acts, it feels like the crowd have had their money’s worth already, such were the performance levels, but that’s only a fraction of what is to come as we wait in anticipation for Anthrax to hit the stage.

As this is their 40th anniversary we’re expecting something different, and that’s what we get with the impromptu cinema screen covering the stage and a short homage to the band being played with the glitterati of metal and a few others such as Keanu Reeves expressing their love and admiration for New York’s finest.

The years haven’t taken any toll on the band as they launch into “Among The Living”, then navigate their way through 1980’s heaven as the songs keep coming: “Caught in a Mosh”, “Mad House”, “Metal Thrashing Mad” & “Antisocial” all abuse our ears before we get to the first break in proceedings as Scott Ian addresses the audience before “I Am The Law”.

The more modern “In The End” from the Worship Music album is the only modern era song gracing the set with “Only” being the sole Bush-era track.

Everyone was wanting “Bring The Noise” and the band delivered before the first part of the set is closed off with a turbo-charged version of “Indians”.

In the blink of an eye, the band are back, finishing off the set with “Got The Time” and “Efilnikufesin (NFL)” and the capacity crowd give them the applause that they richly deserve.

For some (like me) this was a massive trip down memory lane, and for some it was their first time seeing Anthrax, but wherever you are in your journey with the band, it was definitely something that will not be forgotten.