Obscura + Persefone + Disillusion @ Underworld, Camden

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Obscura + Persefone + Disillusion

@ Underworld Camden

26 September 2022

Photos and review by E Jepson

Though I had to unfortunately miss the first band, Disillusion, many crowd members where singing their praises as we all stood around waiting for Persefone, an Andoran progressive/melodic death metal band founded in 2001. Persefone have toured the world with legendary bands such as Obituary and Leprous, and now have added Obscura to this list. Though there was very minimal lighting throughout most of the set, and the drummer was in pitch black for almost the entire thing, the power and talent could be seen nonetheless.

From the opening note to the closing, the crowd where held captive, moving beat with all parts of their bodies. Someone close to the front held up a dinosaur plush toy wearing a black denim jacket with band patches on, which was bought up onto stage and shown to the bassist.

The band stopped in between most songs to either explain the origin of the song, to announce the title or just chat to the crowd, and near to the end of the set the songs stopped momentarily whilst the vocalist thanked Obscura for having them on this tour, to thank the crew for being so helpful and to announce that in a few hours from the end of their set it would be guitarist Filipe Baldaia’s 30th Birthday. So the whole venue took a moment away from moshing and head banging to sing happy birthday to the lucky guitarist. A cake was swiftly bought up onto the stage and thanks and hugs were shared around the stage. As the band bought their set to a close, Filipe jumped into the crowd with his guitar and finished off his impeccable playing surrounded by the welcoming crowd.

As swarms left to go to the bar the stage was set for Obscura. Fans returned just in time for the start of the set with the German progressive death metal band coming on moments later. Steffen Kummerer, Christian Munzner, Jeroen Paul Thesseling and David Diepold took to the stage with confidence, knowing the power this crowd held. They only had to ask once for everyone to shuffle forwards to get everyone as close as possible.

Obscura started off the set incredibly well musically and lighting-wise. In all the years I have been going to gigs, I have never seen such great lighting on a drummer (though the lighting on the rest of the band wasn’t the best); with the full spectrum of colour illuminating David it made for a fascinating spectacle. So much power and emotion was put into every instrument, making sure every note was as meaningful as the last.

The room was flooded at the start of every song with a thick haze emanating from the ceiling which made for a very underground vibe, perfectly reflecting where the venue is: down a steep flight of stairs, through a bar and underneath the busy, bustling streets of Camden.

Such an incredible band is never complete with out some intricate guitar solos and with Obscura this even pushes into bass solos. The atmosphere grew as the set progressed, with everyone thoroughly enjoying the intricate, powerful tone the music held. With everyone breaking out into a mosh pit there was nowhere you would rather have been. As their set came to a close no-one wanted to leave, but as with all good things it unfortunately had to come to a close.