EATEN BY SHARKS Pay Homage To The Lord Of The Ocean In Drum Playthrough For “Apex Predator”

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Hailing from the Niagara region of Canada, Eaten By Sharks has a new album “Eradication” that will throw listeners into a typhoon of riffs, breakdowns, gritty vocals, and heart-pounding drums. Those drums in particular are on display in their latest video, a drum playthrough of the track “Apex Predator”.

If the Jaws riff is not enough of a hint, this song switches the point of view from the victim of the merciless ocean, to that of the victor itself. The viewer can watch and feel their heart rate increase with the thundering drums and crashing cymbals when they assume the role of the terror of the sea. Vocalist Matt Matt Sherriff shares his inspiration for the lyrics on the album:

“I love horror movies and I aim for the nautical themes to keep them consistent with the ideals of the band. The amazing nature of sharks is that they can adapt to any surroundings and do their thing and create a natural equilibrium. We need the horror, nature ain’t always nice and we like to celebrate wickedness.”

The drum playthrough video for “Apex Predator” can be viewed via its premiere on TheCirclePit at

“Eradication,” tells a story of nautical destruction. The listener will be struck with feelings of fear as they are brought along in the first-person horror story, a victim of society in a merciless assault of sharks infiltrating the human world.

Punishing and at times disturbing, Eaten By Sharks have all their personalities intertwined into the fabric of the sound, working collaboratively on their music. Music almost always comes first and the aggressiveness allows for lots of vocal freedom and different styles of tech vocals and classic death metal.

With a wide range of musical influences, Eaten By Sharks promise to leave no one alive. They are recommended listening for fans of Revocation, Gojira, and Despised Icon.

The album “Eradication” was released on August 26, 2022, and available at the following links:

(CD) –

Digital pre-save –

Music Video – “Dead Weight” –

Music Video – “Shallow Water” –

Music Video – “Depth Charge”

Guitar playthrough – “Kill and Consume” –

Track Listing:
1. Shallow Water – 4:16
2. Dead Weight – 3:12
3. Kill and consume – 4:06
4. Same Face, Different Mask – 4:26
5. Depth Charge – 3:07
6. Apex Predator – 3:20
7. Megalodon – 4:55
Album Length: 27:24

Eaten By Sharks is:
Matt Sherriff – Vocals
Chris Chaperon – Lead Guitar
Dan Okowinsky– Rhythm Guitar
Tyler Abrams – Bass
Justin Whitehead – Drums

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Eaten By Sharks
• All songs written by: Eaten By Sharks
• Produced by: Christian Donaldson
• Mixed by: Christian Donaldson
• Mastered by: Christian Donaldson
• Album Artwork by: Shindy Design
• Member of SOCAN
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

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A different type of beast has emerged from the murky depths of the Niagara metal scene. Eaten By Sharks is prepared to usher in a new wave of aquatic brutality, and devastate the landscape with a perfect blend of technical precision and unbridled aggression. The wait is over. There is blood in the water. The feeding frenzy is about to begin…..

Shared Stage with:
Revocation, The Faceless, Dying Fetus, First Fragment, Beyond Creation, Emmure, Upon A Burning Body, Beneath the Massacre, Brought By Pain

2022 – Eradication
2013 – We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat – EP

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