Obsidian Skies – Tim Watervoort and Logan Dougherty

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Obsidian Skies - SaturnianObsidian Skies, hailing from Colorado USA embark on a wild progressive melodic death metal journey through space, and on their upcoming debut EP “Saturnian”, share the trials, tribulations, and hope with their listeners through the concept record.

Obsidian Skies’ lyrics draw inspiration from science fiction and fantasy. Each of their songs tells a story, and in this first release, all the stories take place on Saturn’s moon, Titan. Tim Watervoort (guitars/basses/vocals) writes the lyrics with Logan Dougherty’s (guitars/piano/orchestration) input. Completely collaborative, they both value each other’s input and trust each other musically. No part of the song goes into the final product without both of them in agreement on it. From their time in their previous band Endlight, they really learned how to communicate with each other.

The cinematic, story-driven melodic death metal is recommended for fans of Insomnium, Opeth, and Fleshgod Apocalypse.

We checked in with Tim and Logan to get more info on what drives them to create music and much more:

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