Ginerva-We Belong To The Stars

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Reviewed: October 2022
Released: September 2022, Frontiers Music Srl
Rating: 4. 5/5
Reviewer: Buddy H

This month, I was treated with an amazing assortment of albums to review from the mighty Frontiers Music Srl! With the debut release from Ginevra, the latest product of Frontiers non-stop supergroup production factory queued up and ready to go, I put my Bose earbuds in and cranked the volume up to the decibel level equivalent of a jet airplane.

Let me just jump right in here. I was blown away by this release! This album is a non-stop thrill ride of pure melodic heavy metal. Frontiers Music loves to assemble supergroups. If all the right ingredients are there, the music will tell you immediately if the experiment is successful. On WE BELONG TO THE STARS, the ingredients blend together remarkably. This tremendously talented band consists of vocalist Kristian Fyhr (Seventh Crystal), guitarist/keyboardist Magnus Karlsson (The Ferrymen, Primal Fear), bassist Jimmy Jay (H.E.A.T), and drummer Magnus Ulfstedt (ex-Eclipse, Nordic Union).

Each member shines on every single tune. Kristian Fyhr’s vocals are absolutely soaring. The vocals are front and center but never overpowering. He exhibits incredible power and control and should become a household name amongst all fans of melodic metal. The rhythmic foundation supplied by Jimmy Jay and Magnus Ulfstedt is impeccable. Their sound is thick and clear and really boosts the overall heaviness of each song. And Magnus Karlsson’s guitar work is stellar. This is possibly his best ever. The solos are awe inspiring and his technical ability is marvelous. All of these incredible performances are captured and mixed perfectly, giving the album a huge crystal-clear sound!

With such a strong collection of material, picking favorites is very difficult. My current top tracks would be “Siren’s Calling,” “Unbreakable,” “Apologize,” “Break The Silence,” “Brokenhearted,” and “The Fight.” Again, there are zero weak songs on this album!

For lovers of all things melodic heavy metal, this album satisfies from start to finish. Each artist’s performance is stellar on every single track. Hopefully, Ginevra will keep this going and become a permanent “side project” like Nordic Union. For all other like-minded melodic metal enthusiasts like myself, BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

Track Listing:
1. Siren’s Calling
2. Unbreakable
3. Apologize
4. Masquerade
5. Break The Silence
6. Brokenhearted
7. We Belong To The Stars
8. I’ll Be Around
9. Falling To Pieces
10. The Fight
11. My Rock n Roll

Kristian Fyhr – Vocals
Magnus Karlsson – Guitars, Keyboards
Jimmy Jay – Bass
Magnus Ulfstedt – Drums