Kurdt Vanderhoof talks new Metal Church music, Mike Howe and more!

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Metal-Rules: It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from you, how are things going?
Kurdt: Actually, things are going very well. I’m getting lots of music done. Just been staying under the radar and making plans on how to keep things moving forward.

Metal-Rules: The loss of Mike Howe was devastating to us all, how did you process something like that?
Kurdt: To be honest, I really haven’t processed it. I can’t. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to feel that suicide is your only option. And because he was like my brother and to find out he was in such pain and it’s too late to try and help, is just something I cannot get my head around.

Metal-Rules: Will there be a new Metal Church album in 2023?
Kurdt: Yes. I had written a new record and Mike and I had just begun the process before he passed, So I had a lot of material on hand. I also wanted to complete the album in honor of him. I have written a batch of additional material and its going in a more aggressive direction. We didn’t choose a Mike Howe clone or David Wayne clone, we decided to approach the future as a “new” chapter in the bands career. I think the fans will really dig it!

Metal-Rules: Have you chosen an official new singer for Metal Church? Can you tell us who it is?
Kurdt: Yes, we have, but we are keeping a lid on it just for the time being.

Metal-Rules: Have there been any member changes or is Steve Unger, Rick Van Zandt and Stet Howland still the current line up?
Kurdt: No changes, all the same members remain intact.

Metal-Rules: Is there any unreleased Metal Church songs with Mike Howe on vocals?
Kurdt: Yes, we will be releasing a limited run of Metal Church vinyl picture discs and CDs later this year, it’s a best of the latter Mike Howe years, and there will be an unreleased track on it, that no one has ever heard. We will also be launching an official Metal Church store at some point very soon as well.

Metal-Rules: Will Metal Church tour in 2023?
Kurdt: If the new album is well received and we can do some good shows then we certainly will! We all want to get back out there for sure, but we are taking it one step at a time. At the moment it’s about making the best new album that we can!

Metal-Rules: Are you working on any other projects? Possibly a new Presto Ballet Record?
Kurdt: Absolutely. The new Presto Ballet album is in process as well. This is our double concept album. It’s the follow up story to “Relic Of The Modern World”. Also, there will be a new Hall Aflame album coming as well and that has really taken on a life of its own and has turned into something way, way better than expected.

Metal-Rules: Are there any plans to re-release “Hanging in the Balance” on vinyl?
Kurdt: Yes, I’m also in the midst of gathering all the original masters and putting together what I hope will be an extensive Metal Church Box Set. There will be some amazing stuff from the archives in that. More to come on that soon!!

Metal-Rules: Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans?
Kurdt: Well, all I can say is Thank You for sticking with us through all the good times and bad times. It’s not lost on us at all and its greatly appreciated. We Love You All!