Three Days Grace + 10 Years @ O2 Forum Kentish Town, London

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Three Days Grace  + 10 Years

O2 Forum Kentish Town

15th September 2022

Review and photographs by Dovalde Gaidelionyte

North London is buzzing again. O2 Forum in Kentish Town is getting filled up with people for a sold out event of two big alternative rock names – 10 Years and headliners of the night, Three Days Grace.

10 Years
10 Years

The crowded place was filled with chit chats and anticipation as 10 Years, an American alternative metal band formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1999, appeared on stage. At the moment band has 3 official members – Brian Vodinh on lead guitar,  Matt Wantland on rhythm guitar and Jesse Hasek being lead vocalist, accompanied by 2 session members – Luke Narey on drums and Chad Grennor on bass. Personally I haven’t heard this band previously so I was quite interested to hear what they sound like.

Masked Jesse Hasek  appeared in front of the crowd and the show began. The band started off with their 2008 song “Russian Roulette” and were greeted with lively cheers by their fans. More songs followed from their previous albums and all seemed welcomed really well by the crowd. For what I’ve heard so far, this would definitely fall under the description of that classic alternative rock: pleasant vocals, slightly sad lyrics and quite a soft sound overall.

10 Years

10 Years
10 Years

In between their previous creations, fans had a chance to hear something fresh, a song released in 2022: “The Optimist”, which made folks go crazy. The band followed up by covering one of the most famous Nirvana songs, “Heart-Shaped Box”, which made probably the whole venue to sing along to it (me included). They started to rile up fans for the main act and you could hear they were excited. 10 Years carried on with the same energy they started the show with and it was quite obvious they are professionals on the stage.

They ended their performance by once again riling up the crowd for Three Days Grace and you could hear hints of the song the band just might start off with, rising up anticipation even higher.

10 Years setlist:
  1. Russian Roulette
  2.  Catacombs
  3. Fix Me
  4. Now Is the Time (Ravenous)
  5. Dead in the Water
  6. The Optimist
  7. Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)
  8. Knives
  9. Novacaine
  10. Wasteland
  11. Shoot It Out

10 Years

Buzzing in the venue was continuing and it seemed that everyone was here and ready for the main band of the night. I will not lie, Three Days Grace have been on my list for quite a long time as I’ve listened to them since around twelve or so years ago. Knowing that lead singer had changed was making me a bit doubtful, as well as the fact that it seemed ages since I’ve listened to them. But here I was, curious and excited!

Three Days Grace
Three Days Grace

At the moment band has 2 original members: Brad Walst (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Neil Sanderson (drums, backing vocals) as well as two members that joined in 2013: Barry Stock (lead guitar) and Matt Walst (lead vocals). With their new lead vocalist, they’ve released 3 albums with the third one being released just this year.

The band was greeted with shouting, screaming and clapping and there they are, jumping right in with “So Called Life”. Even though the song is relatively new, audience was singing along from the very beginning. The band left no time to catch a breath and jumped in to their more popular and better known songs like “Animal I Have Become” and fan favourite “Pain”, and the audience was going crazy. Matt Walst introduced his fellow band members and carried on with never ending energy. They played a few more songs from the albums released after the change of singers but clearly the vast majority were from the time with Adam Gontier.

Just about mid-performance, the atmosphere changed and the band was bringing up chairs and ditching pedals to surprise their fans with two acoustically performed songs. The venue was lit with lighters and the audience was singing along to a couple of ballads. And this was not the only surprise Three Days Grace had prepared for the people. Moments later, two girls from the audience were picked, introduced themselves and were soon singing alongside Matt to another fan favourite, “Just Like You”. Both girls seemed like they were having fun being with the band they love and probably will cherish this moment forever.

Three Days Grace
Three Days Grace

Later in the evening crowdsurfing started to happen and Matt was encouraging the audience to get even wilder, and they surely did!

The band was extremely thankful to all the people who gathered there and probably their most popular song, “I Hate Everything About You”, started playing and I couldn’t see anyone not singing to this, even stage security seem to be having the time of their life. A short pause after this and the band came back for last two songs. “Riot” finished this amazing show, the band thanked everyone and left while the crowd was still shouting and clapping.

Even though this tour is named after their newest release, “The Explosions”, almost all the songs were from previous releases, recorded with their original singer. After all, people are coming to see a band they probably listened to years ago and were more attached to these songs, with lyrics they know by heart. This concert turned out to be better than I expected and I was fully submerged in this experience that threw me back to those teenage years.

Three Days Grace
Three Days Grace
Three Days Grace Setlist:
  1. So Called Life
  2. Animal I Have Become
  3. Home
  4. Pain
  5. Break
  6. The Mountain
  7. Neurotic
  8. Painkiller
  9. The High Road (acoustic)
  10. World So Cold (acoustic)
  11. Just Like You
  12. Time of Dying
  13. The Good Life
  14. Lifetime
  15. I Hate Everything About You
  16. Never Too Late
  17. Riot