Vader; Hate; Noctambulan; Thy Disease – On The Rocks Helsinki Finland

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When speaking of the death/black scene, Poland has always had one of the strongest extreme metal scenes for over 30 years. Everyone is able to name Behemoth from Poland, but Vader can’t be avoided and ignored.   The legendary death metal squad has been running since 1984 and have created an  established name and following in the early stages of their career in the catacombs of the underground.  Vader has always enjoyed loyal and strong support in Finland for decades.

The five-band package, consisting Takalaiton, The Noctambulant, Thy Disease, Hate and of course Vader as a headliner, stormed over Baltic countries and Finland. Arranging a metal gig on Sunday night is both challenging and a risk, because everyone is getting prepared for the upcoming week and duties.  Despite this,  the On The Rocks club was quite packed.

The opening act was a totally unknown thrash metal patrol from Finland named Takalaiton. Roughly translating the band’s name is a bit little hard, because its meaning is about the Finnish baseball team.  The four-piece was an odd choice for the roster, as other bands were death/black metal, whereas the Takalaiton squad dealt with the crossover thrash metal with a tongue-in-cheek approach. They have a lot of killer riffs and ideas in their songs.  Their stage clothes was indeed pointless and hilarious, old tennis socket, damn small and tight shorts.  It is inexplicable why Finnish thrashers always have to be clowns and have weird band name and look like a bunch of jackasses. All these bands definitely have the capability to create and bring something great for sure. Take a glance at the older thrash band as they look deadly serious metal band .

The second band on the roster was another unknown band hailing from Florida named NOCTAMBULANT. The four-piece masked combo combined eerie-sounding dark metal elements with the black metal approach. The material started sounding better and better during the gig. Noctambulant’s darkened blackish metal sounded hypnotic and pompous. The approach had melodic European black metal vibe and elements. The band’s dress-code was entire different than the opening band’s look. The singer’s long black gown and hats gave the impression that the band would have something against the fundamental religious Mormon groups.


The purpose of the tour is to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the Polish extreme metal scene. The chronology is a little bit odd, but Thy Disease being the third band on the stage, presented the newer generation even though formed in 1999. Thy Disease’s approach could be described as a mix of death metal with industrial vibes. Thy Disease sounded a bit old school brutal death metal and used these industrial elements to colour the sounds of songs. Thy Disease got a polite response from the Finnish audience, but didn’t gain the wild feedback after all.

Hate is one of the longest running death metal squad of the Polish scene. The group has released heaps of albums over the years that have been damn good, to be honest. Hate’s set was a pure, hateful, and  deadly approach. The band hammered each song without any worthless speeches. The five-minute break only interrupted the set. Hate sounded tight and Ad Sinner has guided the band thru years, and gained a lot of experience, even though the line-up has undergone more than a few changes over the years. The four-piece Hate squad sounded splendid and technical but yet brutal. Frankly, Hate would definitely deserve to have more success and name as their stuff is superior and appeals to the extreme metal maniacs.

The main act and headliner and undisputed king of the Polish death/extreme metal scene, (sorry Behemoth fans) Vader concluded the night by doing one hour set of the total death metal blitzkrieg. Vader was so to say ,simply damn killer.  Peter’s simple more stripped-down stage look was reminiscent of the old thrash metal days ; ripped jeans, worn out Slayer shirt… whereas the bassist had armed to the teeth with spikes and leather. The Polish four-piece unleashed a blistering set consisting of songs from several albums. The gig was opened by “Vicious Circle” and was immediately followed by Triumph Of Death. The 13-song set was a perfect balance of the old and new stuff.  Even though some people gave a shoutout to “Morbid Reich”, but it wasn’t played. The band performed and played like a well-trained kill machine. The audience paid respect to Vader’s death metal by arranging a new insane-looking gig, but ultimate headbanging.

Whenever going to witness Vader, it is a well known fact there is never weak moment in the set and performance. They don’t have to rely on gimmicks or other things, but giving a pure headbanging and sweaty show. Their show in Helsinki was a pure authentic metal gig.