Sisyphean – Colours of Faith

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Review: September 2022
Released: 2022, Transcending Obscurity Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Dovalde Gaidelionyte

Under a name coming from Greek mythology, there is a Lithuanian atmospheric black metal band called Sisyphean. Formed back in 2014, the band have had some line up changes throughout this time and also have one full length album, one EP, a split, a single release and now a fresh new album under their belt – “Colours of Faith”, which sounds quite unusual for the aforementioned genre. I have not yet familiarised myself with their first album from 2017, so this review will be based solely on this newest release.

The album begins with intro track “Before the Light”, that sounds exactly as the name suggest – dark. Electronic sounds are quite unusual for a black metal album, but make it seem more interesting and leave you wondering what will come up next. Yet it gives some hints for the next and first full length song “Scorched Timeless”, to which the electronic sounds blend perfectly. With this first song the band doesn’t hold back and goes in strong. They set the mood and atmosphere to be dark and slightly ominous which continues throughout the whole album, and yet this first song for some reason stands out the most for me. Screeching vocals and melodic solos must be doing the trick which makes this piece feel somewhat different.

With “Hearts of Mercury” and “Sovereigns of Livid Hope” Sisyphean continues to deliver intensity, harshness and darkness. As the songs go really well one after another it is quite easy to find yourself immersed in the atmosphere and yet the band surprises you with another track, “The Descent”. Here it starts to feel like that calm moment just before the storm begins and you just wait to see, or in this case, hear what this moment will bring after. And they do it again. They perfectly blend this moment of uncertainty to their next track “Exiles” that starts off strong but carries some new sounds.

Sisyphean ends their second album with an almost 10 minutes long piece “Conqueror”. Slow, doom-like song sounds are a perfect ending, summing up this whole experience. The band truly knows how to create a story and also how to keep it interesting.




1. Before The Light
2. Scorched Timeless
3. Hearts of Mercury
4. Sovereigns of Livid Hope
5. The Descent
6. Exiles
7. Open Wounds
8. Conqueror

Line up:

Dainius P. – Vocals
Adomas V. – Guitars
Kamil U. – Guitars
Mantas D. – Drums
Andrius B. – Session bass

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