Osserp – Els nous cants de la Sibil·la

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Reviewed: September 2022
Released: 2022 Self Released
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Spanish deathgrind act Osserp are back with third studio album: “El nous Cants de la Sibil-la” a 42-minute trip into realms populated by mythical monsters and beings that won’t look out of place in an HP Lovecraft anthology.

It appears that five years away from the studio has boded quite notably for these guys from Barcelona as this is none nicely executed piece of death metal mixed with grindcore elements. However, the song lengths are of regular three or four minute lengths which might be a tad disappointing if you’re one who enjoys the microscopic tunes of the grind world.

Overall, this is 42 minutes of nicely crafted death metal by a band who know their worth and have grafted well to please their fans who must be eager to hear from them again. I’d say the only problem I have with it is the odd breakdown that is borderline chugging on the guitars – my least favourite thing about all death metal-related genres. But, these moments are few and far between and it’s more of a mix of the brutal and the classic in comparison to other death metal acts.

I think Osserp are a decent discovery for me and certainly worth considering for anyone who wants to get into the Spanish scene more or has a liking for death metal that covers themes of fantasy and weird horror.



1. Cavalcant l’ossa menor
2. Tot crema
3. L’engany
4. El pes del buit
5. L’abraçada del destí
6. L’home en el laberint
7. La rèmora
8. El rival més fort
9. Lluna negra

Band line-up:

Alex – Drums
Dani – Guitars
Xavi – Vocals
Vali – Vocals
Benjamín – Guitars, Bass

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