Headless Dawn – Crap On Demand

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Reviewed: September 2022
Released: 2022, Meat 5000 Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Lee Carter

Is there any other genre quite as nihilistic as grindcore? Short, sharp bursts of unbridled rage that are gone in a blink; rabid aural assaults that come from nothing and return to nothing before you have had the chance to react. Grindcore! If ever there was an album title that best encapsulated that carefree sense of nihilism, then ‘Crap On Demand’ from Dutch destroyers HEADLESS DAWN takes the crown. For what other genre or what other album could the following be confidently stated by its creators?

“Believing firmly in the ‘Opinions are like assholes’-principles and thus force-feeding you with ‘Crap On Demand’… Closing the food chain by serving up the shit back to where it came from: YOU!”

True to such a warm and fuzzy belief, the album trashes life, the universe and everything with speedy abandon. Right from the off of “Prophets Of Profit”, HEADLESS DAWN goes for the jugular and does not stop until nothing but pulp remains. The guitars have a raw, grinding quality to them that only serves to add to the menace of proceedings, especially during moments of ramping intensity such as the finale to “Crucifriction”. Of course, speed and intensity is the primary weapon in the grindcore arsenal, so there is nary any let up across the entirety of ‘Crap On Demand’, culminating in the brief, brutal and snort-inducing tantrum-like “Scandinavian Scooter Massacre” (when you hear the ending, you will understand).

So where speed is the name of the game, it is then somewhat surprising when HEADLESS DAWN takes it down a notch. Whilst seldom used across the album’s length, the slower passages on the likes of “Needless Needles”, the intro to “Woke Or Wide Awake”, or guitar solo (!) of closer “War Hunger” certainly perks the ears up. It is something that the band deserves plaudits for, as bands can often fall into the trap of using speed and technicality with little relief, something which becomes very tiring very quickly. Another positive note is the album’s production: raw and gritty, with a slight death ‘n’ roll quality seems more aurally appealing than some hyper-polished musical scalpel, so kudos there.

In many ways, grindcore as a genre can be considered a concentrated morsel of among metal’s more extreme elements. The high-tempo, chaotic and vicious nature the wider genre can peddle is made all the more deadly when condensed down into bite-size chunks. The brevity ensures impact, whilst the songwriting need not be more complicated than a few coherent riffs bloodily stapled together. As a result, critiquing can be a rather simple affair: did the album flow well and have a strong enough impact? Was there at least a little variety on offer to avoid being one-dimensional? If yes, then congratulations, you have a solid grindcore album.

Subsequently, ‘Crap On Demand’ can be considered just that: a strong, blasting record of thunderous metal that will put you on your backside if you are not careful. HEADLESS DAWN may not be reinventing the genre, nor the subject matter, but they do what they do very well indeed. If you are in need of bursts of frantic, frothing energy, then ‘Crap On Demand’ is most certainly available at your request but is anything but crap.



1. Prophets Of Profit
2. Poisoned By Politics
3. Conflicting Theorists
4. Crucifriction
5. New World Genocide
6. Pervert Predator
7. Parliament Of Injustice
8. Neurocrats
9. Controlled Alt Deceit
10. Needless Needles
11. Groundzero Earth
12. Woke Or Wide Awake
13. Cyber Hysteria
14. Scandinavian Scooter Massacre
15. Human Cockroaches
16. WarHunger

Band line-up:

Carl – Vocals
Wim – Guitars
Philippus – Bass/Drum programming