H.E.A.T.-Force Majeure

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Reviewed:  September 2022

Released:  August 2022, earMusic

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewer:  Buddy H

There’s just something about sitting down with a new slab of good old-fashioned guitar-driven melodic hard rock/metal from the Scandinavian area that gets the blood and fists pumping! Time and time again, bands from this hotbed area have delivered high quality, hook laden, good-time music. H.E.A.T are one of the top modern day musical exports from Sweden representing the ever-growing melodic hard rock/metal segment of the region. Returning just two short years after their stellar 2020 release, H.E.A.T II, these supremely talented gentlemen return with their 7th studio album, FORCE MAJEURE.

With H.E.A.T II, the band made the conscious decision to pursue a much heavier sound while keeping the hallmark melodies prevalent on all their previous efforts. Thankfully, they continue that writing approach here on FORCE MAJEURE. The production is exceptional and these magnificently crafted tunes sound outstanding. As expected, the musicianship here is superb, proving once again why they are leaders in the genre. The rock-solid foundation laid down by Jimmy Jay and Don Crash, on bass and drums respectively, give the songs that little extra touch needed to prevent H.E.A.T from being labeled as a mere 80’s nostalgia throwback. Dave Dalone is a tremendously talented guitarist, delivering meaty chunky rhythms and blazing melodic solos. Jona Tee’s keys add texture to the songs and act as the ideal support for the above-mentioned fantastic guitarwork. With the departure of vocalist Erik Grönwall, H.E.A.T called upon original vocalist, Kenny Leckremo to fill the void. Kenny is an extraordinary talent with amazing range and control, and his vocals fit the tunes perfectly. Think Joey Tempest from Europe with a LOT more power!

H.E.A.T waste no time setting the tone for the entire album, kicking things off with the excellent driving mid-tempo opener “Back To The Rhythm.”  Next up, shifting into high gear, “Nationwide” blows the doors completely off! The band are firing on all cylinders with Kenny’s vocals and Dave’s guitars on full display. This song is destined to be a live favorite! Other standout tracks include “Hollywood” with it’s can’t-help-but-sing-along chorus, the darker brooding “Standing On The Edge,” the Reb Beach-esque “Not For Sale” and the scorching barn burner “Demon Eyes.”

It seems as though H.E.A.T felt as if they had something to prove on FORCE MAJEURE. If the intent was to prove that they are still a major player in the crowded melodic hard rock/metal genre, then mission most definitely accomplished! This is an excellent collection from start to finish, complete with massively addictive hooks, huge sing along choruses, a pounding rhythm section, blazing guitars, and incredible vocals. The energy is infectious and this is easily a top release of 2022. Give these guys the chance they deserve!


Track Listing:

  1. Back To The Rhythm
  2. Nationwide
  3. Tainted Blood
  4. Hollywood
  5. Harder To Breathe
  6. Not For Sale
  7. One Of Us
  8. Hold Your Fire
  9. Paramount
  10. Demon Eyes
  11. Wings Of An Aeroplane


Kenny Leckremo – Vocals
Dave Dalone – Guitars

Jona Tee – Keyboards
Jimmy Jay – Bass
Don Crash – Drums