Eihort – Consuming the Light

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Eihort - Consuming the Light
Eihort – Consuming the Light

Reviewed: September 2022
Released: 2022, Odium Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Simon Wiedemann

Eihort are a black metal band based in London, who formed in 2020 and who released their debut album ‘Consuming The Light’ on June 25th, 2022. It was unleashed by the new sub label of Odium Records, called Underground Kvlt Records. Even though the act is new, the musicians are experienced. They have come up with six new tracks that were composed, recorded and produced between 2020 and 2021, and at the end of the LP is a cover song originally by Samael, an extreme metal band from Switzerland. 

First thoughts when hearing the first track? ‘Oh no. How the flip am I supposed review an album I seem to have heard countless times before? Point out I’ve listened to such music countless times before? I’ve already done that, and you guessed it, countless times before.’ I genuinely really like the doomy guitar parts that follow the more crazed sections, I almost always do, but someone needs to sit these guys down and give them a stern talking to. They’re not going to make it big. I mean how would you market these people? Maybe ‘Hey, check these guys out! They make the music that’s in their hearts! If you don’t like it, the band don’t care!’ Well you could try. Truth is, I’ve read that kind of statement. Countless times before, in fact.   

The second track’s beginning is far better. In it, you get a very haunting acoustic guitar part. It’s weird but not weird for the sake of being weird, and God knows the name of the chord that gets arpeggiated. E7b9#5? I have no idea. Not only that, it gets combined with a similar instrument playing something slightly different, and the effect is a very strange but cool mood that’s hard to describe. But I’ll try – Freaktacular. Annoyingly the more typical (to put it mildly) parts are back in 35 seconds. Not to worry though, exactly 63 seconds after THAT, the distorted guitars get their own strange harmonies to play. Again, and crucially, not weird for the sake of being weird. Sadly such harmonies don’t have too much time to shine, but at least there are SOME highlights. Better than I was expecting!

Track three has some mid paced power chords that I suppose are fun in a way, then it goes mental. Didn’t see that coming. Then it slows down again, then as a twist it goes crazy again. Wow, it slows down after that? Awesome, it really is. And then it speeds up! It’s like I’m in black metal Heaven. Track four is very much in the style of three, although it does have some nice lead bass parts in it, simple as they may be. Like the ideas in track two, they could do with more development. Track five does have some more daring harmony, but it’s very morbid at times and won’t be for everyone. If that’s your bag, I hate to say this, but that kind of stuff has been done before, too. But not as much. (Maybe for a reason). 

Luckily, track six has a change of style. It’s actually pretty good. It’s dramatic, powerful and even musical. It’s got a hypnotic, catchy and repetitive nature without being TOO minimal. It’s like an anthem for dying. If that sounded cheesy, at least I’m trying. Who’s trying more, me or the band? That’s the question. As the final track is a cover song, it also has a change of style, although if there was no change, it wouldn’t have surprised me. Even though the singing is black metal styled, the instruments are far more thrashy, and dare I say it, fun. I’m not sure if it deserved a cover as it’s still fairly average, but luckily many metal fans aren’t quite as serious as me. 

In conclusion and despite what I’ve said, I really do like this album, but let’s be frank, what was the point of writing it? There is next to no originality in it (though I have heard worse). Let’s be clear: I’ve heard this kind of music countless times before. On the plus side – not edited on computer! A little sloppy at times, but not significantly so, so if you like your cliched black metal raw, you’re in luck. The music is never bad or even poor technically speaking, as explained, sometimes it’s even good, but you can do much much better. Not recommended.



1. Through The Oil And Blood
2. Dead Cold Eyes Staring Into The Darkness
3. Holy Venom On The Lips Of The Whore
4. Transmutation Of The Mind
5. Bloodcurdling Serenades
6. Oblivion
7. Blood Ritual (Samael Cover)

Band line-up:

A. – Guitars, bass, additional instruments
Hellishdust – Vocals, additional instruments